Holistic Approach Nurtures Academic Success

A well-rounded education produces academically successful and resilient graduates.

Haileybury’s holistic approach involves a strong academic focus that is complemented by many Sport, Arts and extra-curricular activities.

Offering a range of opportunities allows students to blossom and focus on their strengths while building confidence, discipline and perseverance. It also helps them to achieve academic success.

Research shows  that incorporating positive psychology, which encourages students to face challenges with resilience and a positive outlook, is increasingly important.

A positive mindset includes the belief that you are good at a task or field of study and can persevere when the going gets tough. We nurture this in a range of ways.


Haileybury’s academic programs develop in students good study habits and a positive sense of self and confidence in their abilities to succeed academically. Goals are also important.

Students who are motivated to achieve goals usually focus on mastering new material and are more likely to interpret academic mistakes as opportunities to learn and develop their brains.

Those with this positive mindset attribute poor academic performance to a lack of effort or perseverance and can increase both in the face of failure.


We provide many opportunities for students to deepen their learning through a range of subjects and co-curricular interests.

Students strengthen bonds with their peers through Sport, and collaborate with a diverse range of people on academic pursuits and social justice projects.

Our Sport teams instil in students the importance of teamwork while having fun—an important part of a well-rounded education.

The Arts

At Haileybury, students are exposed to all aspects of the Arts, and can later focus on those that interest them, whether that be Drama, Dance or Visual Art.

Many participate in competitions to test their skills and/or become involved in our School productions, which offer a variety of opportunities to develop performance and ‘backstage’ skills.


Haileybury students enjoy many Music opportunities and can learn an instrument from a young age. Those keen to pursue their passion can join a band and perform for their peers, family and the School community.

All these options enable students to learn that accomplishment is built upon sustained hard work.

Every Student Matters

Since 2008, Haileybury CEO|Principal Mr Derek Scott has lived the School’s mantra that ‘every student matters every day’. In doing so, Mr Scott has also encouraged students to do their best.

Their potential is achieved with support and encouragement from staff and peers and an individual commitment to work hard for academic success while enjoying all that Haileybury offers.

Mr Scott and his team ensure that students develop a positive sense of self and a confidence in their abilities that sees them engage with and contribute to their School and the wider world.

Under his leadership, every child not only matters every day but has the potential to excel in every way.