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Seven Premierships!

Haileybury has claimed an amazing seven Summer Sport Premierships! After stellar performances, there are many special mentions to be made for the outstanding performances and achievements by our athletes.

Boys and Girls Volleyball

On Saturday, 18 March, both the Boys and Girls Volleyball teams won their summer premiership titles! Both teams finished undefeated for the season. The boys defeated Scotch in four competitive sets and were very excited after only ever winning the premiership once before, in 2015.

The girls defeated Ivanhoe Grammar in a close three sets. Haileybury Girls College have had a very strong history in volleyball. Haileybury and Yarra Valley Grammar have battled for the title since it started in 2003. Yarra Valley have won the last three years in a row, so Haileybury were ecstatic to win it back.

Girls 1st team player Imogen Barron-Toop (Year 9) has worked extremely hard over the last 12 months to hone and apply her volleyball skills.  As a result, she has made two state teams and has been invited to train at the Australian Volleyball Camp. Since the camp, she has been selected to represent Australia in Thailand for Indoor Volleyball at the end of April. We wish Imogen all the best!

Girls Diving

On Tuesday, 21 March, Haileybury Girls College took out the 2017 Diving Premiership. After finishing fifth last year, Lauren Donnell, Head of Girls Diving at Haileybury, was quietly confident that the girls would see a podium finish this year.

The outstanding results are as follows:

Summer Castledine (Year 8)U14A – 1st
Ashlee Arendse (Year 6)U15A – 1st
Claire Van Well (Year 9)U15B – 2nd
Emma Broadbent (Year 10)U16A – 2nd
Ashleigh Meneses (Year 10)Open A – 1st
Olivia Jenkins (Year 12)Open B – 2nd

One of our diving stars, Ashley Meneses (Year 10) has been selected to represent Australia at the Dresden Youth Diving Meet in April this year. This meet is the biggest international competition for youth athletes.

Boys and Girls Badminton

Both the Boys and Girls Badminton teams have brought home premierships this season! On Saturday, 18 March, after winning all but one match for the season, the boys won their APS Badminton title after defeating Scotch College.

The Girls Badminton team was undefeated and on Saturday, 25 March, played their premiership match against Wesley College. After an amazing performance, the girls guaranteed themselves their third consecutive APS/AGSV Premiership.

Girls Tennis

The Girls Tennis team sat on top of the ladder all season, undefeated, so it was no surprise that they brought home the premiership this year. After the win against Mentone on Saturday, 25 March, they claimed the trophy, stealing the usual winning streak off Wesley College.

Boys and Girls Table Tennis

The Haileybury Table Tennis team won their 14th consecutive premiership! Haileybury’s 1st Table Tennis team is comprised of both boys and girls as there is no competition for girls in the APS system. Haileybury has won all but one of the APS Premierships in table tennis, since the competition began in 1995—what an unbelievable record!

The Haileybury community is extremely proud of all of our atheltes and their outstanding achievements this season. A huge thank you goes out to all students, parents and staff who helped make this season such a great success!