The Importance of the Arts in Education

Haileybury’s campus productions are a wonderful tradition.

Musicals and plays are part of our extensive Creative Arts Program. Students love performing in them and family and friends are always impressed by the quality of the shows.

But there is much more to these fabulous performances than entertainment. Involvement in a campus production or musical performance is an important part of a rounded education.

While having fun and meeting new friends, students learn about creativity, persistence, dedication, teamwork, time management and entertaining an audience.

Haileybury musicians and performers also tend to succeed academically because they learn new skills and enhance traits such as patience and the ability to accept feedback.

All are transferrable into other parts of life and many students continue to perform after they graduate, some on a national and international stage.

Castlefield Campus—Bugsy Malone

Castlefield campus put on a magical performance of Bugsy Malone across three evenings following two terms of commitment and dedication by students and the Arts team.

Students chose to be part of the School musical through prop making, costume design, music, dancing, singing and acting.

Bugsy Malone had a huge cast, with the leads driving the action. James Byrom (Year 7) and Lois O’Connell (Year 7) were outstanding as Bugsy and Blousey, with their witty repartee amusing the audience.

Larger-than-life characters included Fat Sam, Dandy Dan and their hysterical gang members. Fine choreography in the massed dancing scenes further enhanced the show.

Newlands Campus—The Little Mermaid JR

Newlands’ Middle School musical, Disney’s The Little Mermaid JR, was a resounding success. Audiences praised the high standard of entertainment provided by such a young cast.

In a first, The Little Mermaid JR was performed in Aikman Hall, taking full advantage of the extra space and technical support.

The band was set behind the cast, allowing the action to unfold downstage with an excellent balance between music and vocals. A comprehensive lighting rig enhanced the settings.

Months of rehearsals were led by our talented Head of Performing Arts, Mrs Rachael Taberner, Head of Music Mrs Bronwyn Harrop and Drama Captains, Laura Burns (Year 8) and Ethan Myers (Year 8).

This true example of collaboration by staff and students resulted in shared creativity and talent. Whether involved in set design, backstage crew or the cast itself, students forged new friendships across gender and year levels.

Edrington Campus—Peter Pan JR

Two spectacular performances of Peter Pan JR were a credit to all students and staff involved. They amazed two sell-out audiences and a matinee show for the local Berwick community.

It was a truly collaborative effort, with ELC children invited to the dress rehearsal. They thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the wider school community and having a sneak peek.

It also gave them a taste of what they will be exposed to and enjoy as they move through the School.

City Campus—Mulan JR

City Middle School students are busily preparing for the Disney production of Mulan JR. They are due to bring the ancient Chinese legend alive in late October at Gasworks Theatre.

The show revolves around Mulan, who disguises herself to join the army to save her father. It has an array of performing and production roles.

Students across all Haileybury campuses can become involved in these productions, which are performed at various points throughout the year.

There is always something on the go as students, staff and the Haileybury community collaborate and contribute to ensure their success.

Most importantly, all participating students, whatever their role, relish the opportunity, enjoyment and learning experiences the productions provide.