The Benchmark

5-Star Results. Record Enrolments. More Teachers. More Awards. Small Classes. Global. Caring.

Haileybury — We Transform Futures.

All parents want the best for their children and Haileybury provides it.


What makes Haileybury The Benchmark

Our global reach and unrivalled education programs set us apart, with campuses in Keysborough, Brighton, Berwick, Melbourne CBD, Darwin and Beijing. Haileybury is not just one of Australia’s finest schools, it is one of the best in the Asia Pacific Region.

Among other accolades, Haileybury was named 2018 Australian School of the Year and CEO | Principal Mr Derek Scott was 2019 Australian School Principal of the Year. We set this benchmark with our leading Parallel Education Model, the best teachers, small class sizes and unmatched individual attention.

5-Star Results

Haileybury will help your child to reach their potential – and then some. Our programs are The Benchmark and our achievements underline this.

Innovation, international vision, cutting-edge programs, unrivalled educators and individual student attention have seen Haileybury recognised with multiple Australian Education Awards. Enrolments are also at record levels, so we must be doing something right.

In 2018, Haileybury was named Australian School of the Year and Primary School of the Year – Non-government. In 2019, CEO|Principal Mr Derek Scott was Australian School Principal of the Year and Mr Jason Fischer Department Head of the Year. The School won Best Professional Learning Program.

Mr Scott, who was also School Principal of the Year – Non-government, says the national awards recognise Haileybury’s world-class people, programs and facilities across multiple campuses. We also consistently rank among Australia’s best in NAPLAN and VCE results.


At Haileybury, we care about each student as an individual and it shows. We know a successful education involves much more than academic results, and that wellbeing and resilience are paramount for students to thrive at school and in life.

Haileybury’s unrivaled Pastoral Care Program is tailored to each school stage and run by psychologists, chaplains and other expert staff who support students. A Health and Wellbeing Program runs from Prep to Pre-Senior, while Senior School has a Personal Excellence Program.

We nurture students to become independent learners, motivated, positive, self-assured and happy. Our focus is on the complete development of a person who is confident, resilient, adaptable, sensitive and perceptive.

Every Haileybury student is known, cared for and valued. This caring approach enhances student wellbeing and their sense of self, which helps them to thrive at school and beyond.

Global Connection

A Haileybury education has no boundaries. Our vision is to be recognised as a great world school that offers students a global education and outlook, which is more important than ever in an increasingly globalised economy.

Haileybury’s international focus develops high-achieving students who are connected to each other and their communities, locally and internationally. This empowers them to engage with and potentially transform their world.

All international opportunities are carefully designed to coincide with learning and ignite cultural awareness. Haileybury students are offered a range of international programs and travel experiences to explore themes such as music, culture, science, overseas aid and sport.

Haileybury ensures that students are prepared for a changing and sometimes challenging global environment. We encourage and enable them to explore, understand and contribute to their world.

Online Learning

Students thrive in online learning.

Haileybury staff and students are not foreign to the world of online learning with the School being heavily active in the online space for many years. This gave students a solid foundation for a seamless transition to complete virtual classrooms due to the recent COVID-19 situation.

Haileybury’s virtual classrooms ensure that the academic program continues without interruption but it also allows students to connect and have fun!

The classes are conducted through online platform Zoom. Each day, students and teachers log in and commence their daily school routine.

These new routines have not slowed anyone down and our teachers and students are more engaged than ever.

Small Classes

Every child deserves the best. At Haileybury, we know that individual attention tailored to each student’s unique learning style achieves outstanding results and provides optimal personalised learning.

Despite record enrolments and waiting lists, we keep classes small. ELC groups have one educator per 11 children. Junior School classes are capped at 22, Middle School and Pre-Senior at 20 and Senior School at 15-20. VCE Units 3 and 4 and enhancement tutorials have just 15 students.

This helps students to excel across the board and better prepare for exams. Teachers also appreciate being able to devote more time to each student.

The individual attention and collaborative environment that a Haileybury education provides helps students to savour positive learning experiences and develop strong relationships with staff and fellow students. Everyone is more likely to thrive, and no-one is left behind.

Parallel Education

Girls and boys are true equals at Haileybury, where they enjoy the best of both worlds. Pioneered almost 20 years ago, our Parallel Education Model underlines our enlightened approach to teaching and learning.

Girls and boys learn together in their younger years, then separately in most classes during the all-important middle and senior years. This benefits all students by recognising their unique and changing social, emotional and educational needs.

From our Early Learning Centre (ELC) to Year 4, classes are co-educational. Students in Years 5 to 12 attend single gender classes, while all genders mix in some electives, co-curricular activities and the school ground.

The system recognises diverse educational needs and the importance of boys and girls spending time together. They learn separately without distraction but socialise on the same campus. Parents and students love this approach, which has seen enrolments rise dramatically and academic results improve across all year levels.

More Great Teachers

Outstanding teaching is fundamental to nurturing well-rounded students, building their resilience and achieving academic success. The best teachers get the best out of their students and ensure that they reach their potential. They are empathetic and inspire those around them.

Haileybury’s incredible teachers are without peer in all that they do. They routinely go above and beyond for their students, whether it be in the classroom, coaching a sporting team, mentoring a music band or guiding an overseas trip. Some host group library sessions in their own time.

Our teachers are motivated, continually aim to improve what they do and help each other. By observing their colleagues and providing feedback, they identify areas for improvement and collaborate on ideas to enhance shared programs.

Haileybury recognises that great educators are a precious asset. We work hard to develop leading programs, facilities and professional support that attract and retain them. They, in turn, ensure that our students receive the best possible education.

Social Justice

The principles of fairness, equity and human rights underpin all that we do at Haileybury – as they should.

As a school, we believe that we have a shared responsibility to contribute to positive social change locally and globally. Learning about and engaging in social justice empowers us all to be good global citizens and encourages a strong sense of fairness in our students.

Through staff and student efforts, Haileybury supports more than 30 charities. From the moment they arrive, whether it be at an Early Learning Centre, primary or secondary campus, our students learn about the importance of helping others and are encouraged to do so.

A school is defined by its actions. In Haileybury’s case the welfare of staff, students and the wider community is paramount. People are our priority, and we demonstrate this through the high engagement of our students in social justice efforts while at school and after they graduate.