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Haileybury Leadership 2015
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From the Principal

From the Principal
Derek Scott


Haileybury graduated 355 students last week with a series of celebrations including separate Graduation Ceremonies and Valedictory Dinners for the girls and the boys.

The students were exemplary in their behaviour across their final days at the School.


From the Principal

The final speeches at the lunchtime farewell with staff and the Valedictory Dinners all reflected the strong respect that exists between the students and the staff, and a strong appreciation for the opportunity that parents had provided for their daughters and sons. I was particularly impressed by the toast to the teachers by Omar Salehi at the boys Valedictory Dinner. Omar noted that he was thankful for the opportunity to go to a great school. He then told a story about his parents.

"From an early age, my parents instilled in me the importance of each and every moment at school and…to respect teachers, as in life, nothing is guaranteed. You see, my parents often recalled fond memories of their childhood in Afghanistan, a stark contrast to the oppression and repression of education we have come to associate with war-torn Afghanistan today. I've come to realise that in their lives, their friends and much of their family were taken away from them in an instant.

It was undoubtedly the experience and fortitude they gained during their time at school that enabled them to overcome their difficulties in life. Their teachers, to whom they are still grateful, are portrayed as virtuous heroes in their childhood stories; great men and women who through the medium of education had a significant impact on their lives. And I can't help but stand here today and see the beautiful cycle repeat itself." It was a nice tribute to the teachers and parents of Haileybury from a very fine young man.

From the Principal

English Exam

The VCE English exam and the English as an Additional Language exam were the first exams in the VCE schedule for 2014. The English exam was assessed by Haileybury staff as being very fair and presenting a good opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and writing skill.

Head of English Robert Johnson said, "We have been delighted with the effort that students have put in leading up to the English paper. Teachers really have been inundated by practice essays and we are confident the students were well prepared."

Haileybury's English results have been exceptional in recent years with around 40% of all students gaining an English study score over 40 (top 9% in the state) last year.

Northern Hemisphere examination schedule

State Education Minister Martin Dixon announced on Wednesday that the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) would be delivering a Northern Hemisphere examination schedule in 12 subjects in the VCE in 2017. This means that those subjects will be available for students to sit the examination in June. Haileybury has been working with education officials on this for two years and we are delighted to see the announcement. It will be of considerable assistance to us with the delivery of the VCE in China and will help us provide even more opportunities for students at Haileybury Beijing to attend Australian universities.

It also provides a most interesting opportunity for us to reshape the VCE delivery in the Senior School in Melbourne. It will be possible for a VCE student to plan their VCE schedule across three exam sittings. For example, a student might complete one VCE subject and then sit the exam at the end of Year 11, complete a second in June of Year 12, and complete the other four in the October/November examination schedule. The staging of a VCE program in this way provides good opportunities for students to manage the workload. We will be working on the implementation of this during the next two years.

Derek Scott



Haileybury Leadership 2015

Haileybury Leadership 2015

Haileybury Leadership 2015

The Haileybury 2015 School Leaders have been elected by their peers in a democratic process. 

We congratulate all students involved.


School Captain – Barbara Van Der Merwe
Vice-Captain – Tiansha Zimsen
Vice-Captain – Mary Malek
Captain of Sport – Lucy Pearce

Molly Back, Aili Cato, Dominique Elliott, Christina Hewawissa, Mia Ingram,
Aneka Kalapara, Rebecca Knott, Tiana Sirgiovanni and Grace Sutcliffe


Haileybury Leadership 2015

Prefects/House Captains:

Cuddihy – Victoria Rudnikov

Douglas – Gayathri Bimal

Edrington – Isabel Zaharias

Jackson – Lucy Xu

Lyons – Isabelle Lauder

Simpson – Abby Chernishoff

House Vice-Captains:

Cuddihy – Lauren Tzilantonis and Juliette Berry

Douglas – Aimee Traficante and Caroline Cheng

Edrington – Stephanie Cook and Tayla Bennett-Hullin

Jackson – Jessica Connor and Joanne Zhang

Lyons – Grace Knight and Casey Jordan

Simpson – Lauren Rossetti and Megan Cruickshank.


School Captain – Harrison Jones

Vice-Captain – Michael Strauss

Vice-Captain – Michael Xing

Captain of Sport – Corey Rich


William Armstrong, Yoshi Fujihara, Sam Hunter, Eamonn Johnson, Joseph McDonald, Chris McHenry, Eddie Quinn, Luke Shimmin, William Stock, Darren Tang and Christopher Watt

Prefects/House Captains:

Aikman – Hugh Pollard

Berthon – Stefano Botti

Bradshaw – Bill Cai

Castlefield – Oliver McFarlane

Dickinson – Hamish Brayshaw

Pargetter – Greg Selemidis

Rendall – Joel Constable

Sholto Black – Asanga Seneviratne

House Vice-Captains:

Aikman – Declan Forster and Clayton Carner

Berthon – Jack Abbott and Jackson Beer

Bradshaw – Corey Connelly and William Do

Castlefield – Aaran Sritharan and Matthew Lee

Dickinson – Torsten Williamson and Josh Bell

Pargetter – Nicholas Trivett and Tom Kelly

Rendall – Christopher Grigoriadis and James Schooling

Sholto Black – Joshua Watson and Nicholas Mezo


Campus Reports

Senior School

Congratulations to the Class of 2014 and our incoming student leaders for 2015!


I extend an invitation to all members of our School community to attend our Remembrance Day ceremony on Tuesday, 11 November, commencing at 10.40 am.


We look forward to welcoming all our parents to the inaugural Edrington Art Exhibition on Thursday, 6 November, from 4.00 – 6.30 pm. Every student from ELC-Year 8 will have artwork featured.


The 2014 Newlands Art Show will highlight the wide variety of artwork that our students have created this year, the theme is 'Wonderland'. From 3.45 to 7.00 pm Thursday, 20 November in the Sports Hall. Further details will follow.


Senior School Report

We are all very proud of the conduct of our Year 12 students and I always enjoy hearing from our Valedictorians at the last lunch and dinner. Our speakers this year were: Nicole Youssef (JK), Jessica Goldenberg (JK), Alice Stuart (CU), Eva Shi (DO), Cathy Ma (JK), Jessica Kemper (ED), Felicity O'Brien (CU), Euan Fox (AI), Matthew Le Get (RE), Morgan Williamson (PA), William Yan (BR), Edward Chua (BR), Joshua Marsterson (PA) and Omar Salehi (BE). I particularly enjoyed Omar's speech and his reflection on the beauty of education. I hope all our students can see the beauty in their experience at Haileybury (although during examination times it might be a bit too much to ask!).

We wish the graduating Class of 2014 much success and happiness in the years ahead.

Each year we trust our students to elect the Captains and Prefects of Haileybury and each year our trust is rewarded with outstanding young men and women who take up the responsibilities of leadership. 2015 is no exception and I would like to congratulate our new leaders; I look forward to working with them!

Congratulations to Jessica Lawrence (CU) who has been awarded her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. This is a very distinguished achievement and it is wonderful to see Jessica join the other Haileyburians who have achieved this award.

Just another reminder about some important dates coming up:

Year 10 and Unit 2 classes recommence from Wednesday, 5 November – Friday 7 November.

Year 10 Work Experience: 10 – 14 November.

When Year 11 students have completed their Units 3&4 examination/s, they should attend the English and Mathematics Programs. These programs will run from 9.30 am – 1.00 pm on Monday, 10 November to Thursday, 13 November, at home campuses. Further details will be available on go2.

Year 10, 2015 Transition Day is on Friday, 14 November. Students begin the day at their home campus and then come to Keysborough to complete their induction. Students should wear summer uniform to the Induction Day.

Term 1A, 2016 commences on Monday, 17 November. I look forward to seeing all our Senior School students at the Induction of our Student Leaders at the Whole School Assembly on Tuesday, 18 November.

Pam Chamberlain

Vice Principal & Head of Senior School


Senior School Calendar



Castlefield Report

Assessment Week is approaching. This week of tests and examinations, for our students in Junior School to Year 8, allows teachers to gain a 'snapshot' of the learning of all students over the past term and semester. It remains, however, nothing more than this; a 'snapshot'. It is important to remember that assessment has been ongoing in all classes throughout the entire term. Teachers gather empirical and anecdotal evidence of the progress of all students on a daily basis. All of these assessment techniques and methods then combine to form a picture of the general progress of students.

Click here to view the assessment schedule for Years 7 and 8 students.

Our Year 12 students were honoured recently as they graduated from Haileybury College and Haileybury Girls College. As a School community, we were able to recognise their contribution to our School and were able to wish them every success in the future. Very proudly, each graduating Year 12 student was given life membership to the Old Haileyburians' Association.

Preparations for this year's Carnival are well underway. Our families will be receiving regular updates and requests. I am sure all members of our School community will enjoy this spectacular event. The Carnival will be held at Haileybury Castlefield on Friday afternoon, 14 November.

Please note that all students are asked to attend the 2015 Orientation Day (Up Day) on Tuesday, 25 November, in casual clothes. This day is the first orientation for current and new students to the School for 2015. Current students move up one year level and are able to meet new teachers, visit homerooms, and are introduced to new students for next year. It is a most enjoyable and important day for everyone (current Prep through to current Year 6 students).

I invite families to attend the Castlefield Speech Night being held in Aikman Hall on Monday, 1 December, commencing at 7.00 pm. All Middle School students are required to attend.

On Thursday, 6 November, there will be a Middle School Information Evening held in Dickinson Hall for all new students entering the Middle School in 2015. This evening will commence at 7.30 pm and involves key Middle School staff outlining the main structures, routines and programs offered in the Middle School at Castlefield.

Finally, as a general rule, Haileybury discourages the giving of gifts to teachers by parents. If you would like to give a gift to a teacher, it should not exceed $50 in value. Sometimes, the most valuable gifts are the kind words, notes and cards that are received by staff from our parents and students.

I trust that all families will enjoy their long weekend. We look forward to seeing all students return to School on Wednesday, 5 November.

Castlefield Report


A reminder that 'Art from the Heart' is on Friday, 7 November, from 7.00 pm through to 9.30 pm. This is an open invitation to all parents and carers of the children in the ELC. Please join us for this inaugural event to celebrate the Early Learning community, our first year in the beautiful centre and the collaboration of unique artwork from the ELC students. If you have forgotten to RSVP it is not too late, please email me. We are looking forward to a lovely evening with you.

With Term 4 quickly becoming a very busy one, each of the teachers have sent home a list of key dates for you to add to your calendars. These dates are also on display in the foyer for you to take note of. With excursions, the Art from the Heart event, athletics, orientation sessions, the concert, graduation and class parties, there is a lot to remember. For all of these events there is much planning and preparation underway, which brings with it learning, fun, excitement and a special sense of being together.

Castlefield Report


Prep Intensive Swimming

Our Prep students will commence their swimming program on Monday, 10 November. A letter will come home shortly with details of when the classes will be in the pool and what they require.

Up Day

Up Day is taking place on Tuesday, 25 November.  Students will visit their 2015 classes, meet their teacher and fellow classmates, and participate in activities related to their new level. The complex process of placing students into classes is almost complete and the lists will be posted up on the morning of Up Day.

Year 4 Graduation

The Year 4 Graduation is taking place on Friday, 21 November, at 9.00 am. Parents and friends are more than welcome to attend. This event signifies the end of the junior years of schooling; however, it is important for the Year 4 students to remember that they are the leaders of our School until the year finishes. Wearing the correct uniform, setting goals for continued academic success, and maintaining exemplary behaviour remain our expectations.

Castlefield Report


Years 7/8 exam revision

Happy Halloween! This continues to be a very busy time for all Middle School families. With a short Years 7&8 revision week, due to the Melbourne Cup long weekend, it is essential that students work diligently and spend time at home revising for the pending examinations. Additionally, Exam Helpdesks will be running daily from 3.45 – 4.30 pm for those who would like extra teacher assistance.

Exam week commences on Monday, 10 November.

Bike Education

All of the Year 5 students will be undertaking Bike Education from Wednesday, 5, to Thursday, 13 November. This is a valuable undertaking for all our young students who develop their bike handling, maintenance and safety awareness skills throughout the program.

The Year 6 students will also complete their Bike Education program from Monday, 17 November.

Years 5/6 Sport Presentation Assembly

There will be a special assembly for students in Years 5 and 6 on Thursday, 6 November, to present the sports awards from Term 3.

Year 8 Graduation Assembly

On Thursday, 13 November, there will be a special Graduation Assembly for all of our Year 8 boys and girls. This is a special formal occasion for these students to celebrate their time at Haileybury Castlefield and parents who have a child in Year 8 are encouraged to attend. Year 8 students will have an informal farewell the following day before they commence in the Pre-Senior program on Monday, 17 November.

Scott Doran

Head of Castlefield, Brighton


Castlefield Calendar



Edrington Report

We are excited to welcome all of our families to the inaugural Edrington Art Exhibition on Thursday, 6 November, from 4.00 to 6.30 pm. This event is a special one, as it features one piece of artwork by every student at Edrington from ELC-Year 8. There will also be our own very talented musicians, art workshops, drinks and nibbles for adults on arrival, and a fantastic raffle of a community quilt. We look forward to seeing students bring along their parents to enjoy the evening together with the official opening at 5.00 pm.

art expo 

Our Year 8 students are in their final weeks at Edrington and we wish them well as they transition to the Pre-Senior program. As part of the end-of-year festivities, awards are presented to students from Years 3-8 in recognition of outstanding academic achievements. The criteria for these awards can be found on go2 and there are changes year to year to the criteria with which these awards are presented to keep in line with Haileybury's commitment to continual improvement.

As a general rule, Haileybury discourages the giving of gifts to teachers by parents. If you would like to give a gift, our Gifts Policy is attached. We do, however, appreciate the thoughtfulness of parents who write a note of thanks to acknowledge the work of staff; we are always happy to share these words with the Principal.

Edrington Report


National Quality Standards Assessment and Rating

Each children's service across Australia is required to go through a National Quality Standards Assessment and Rating visit by an authorised officer, representing the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). This assessment process promotes transparency and accountability, which we at Haileybury welcome. The assessment is based on seven standards, comprising 58 elements in total. The ELC staff, led by Mrs Sally Robertson, have been preparing for this assessment during the past 18 months and are pleased that it will be taking place later this term.

The first stage of this assessment is to submit a Quality Improvement Plan, outlining our strengths and identified areas of improvement in each of the seven standards. This document was completed last week and is now available in the foyer for parents to read. On the assessment day, the assessor will observe staff and their interactions with children and families; observe the environment; discuss staffing arrangements, the program and practice in action; and check over ELC management documentation. Parents will be notified of this date but are not be required to do anything differently on the day.

Term 4 Dates

The Term 4 calendar emailed out earlier this term comprises many important dates, including orientation sessions and end-of-year concerts.  A copy is on display in the foyer and in Reception S.  Hard copies are also available in the foyer should you require one.

Edrington Report


Halloween Disco

This afternoon, we look forward to many of our students attending the Halloween Disco from 4.30 pm in John Twist Hall. We would like to thank the Edrington Parents & Friends for organising such a wonderful event. Students are invited to dress in their Halloween costumes and will be entertained until 6.00 pm with a DJ, games and snacks.

Junior School iPad Information Evening

Parents would have received a letter from Principal Derek Scott announcing the implementation of iPads across our Junior Schools in 2015. An information evening will be held on Monday, 10 November, to discuss the program, and aims to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the rollout. The session will be run by Senior Vice-Principal Craig Glass and Dean of Learning Technologies, Nikos Bogiannidis. We extend an invitation to all Junior School families to attend the session in John Twist Hall from 7.00 pm.

Junior School Fitness Club

This term we will continue our Junior School Fitness Club. We were thrilled with the attendance at these sessions last term and encourage all students to attend when possible. The aim of Fitness Club is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among our younger students while attempting to improve their overall fitness and skills. Sessions will continue in the Sports Hall and on the front oval each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7.45 am.

The Polar Express 

Students are busy rehearsing for our end-of-year Christmas concert, The Polar Express. Information will be sent home shortly regarding costume requirements and performance details. This year, the students will be performing a matinee show on Wednesday, 19 November, at 2.00 pm and then a twilight performance on Thursday, 20 November, at 6.00 pm. If you have any questions about the upcoming performances, please contact either Ms Melissa Schoorman or Ms Sacha Pollard.

Edrington Report


Years 7 & 8 Semester 2 Examinations

All Years 7 & 8 students had their subject examination revision booklets distributed this week. These booklets should now form the basis of revision activity as they are a good guide as to what skills and knowledge are required to successfully complete the Semester 2 examinations. Help Desk will run next Wednesday and Thursday during lunch and after school until 4.30 pm.

Please refer to the Years 7 & 8 examination schedule below:

TimeBefore recessAfter recessAfter lunch
Monday, 10 NovEnglish (7/8)Geography (7/8)
Tuesday, 11 NovScience (7/8)Japanese 8
French 7
Wednesday, 12 NovMathmatics (7/8)French 8
Japanese 7
Accelerated French
Thursday, 13 NovNormal classes and Hand back

Normal classes and Hand back

Normal classes and Hand back
Friday, 14 NovNormal classes and Hand backNormal classes and Hand backNormal classes and Hand back

Dance Gala

All Edrington students who participated in the Dance Program this year will perform for their families and friends at the annual Haileybury Dance Gala on Thursday, 13 November, at Aikman Hall, Keysborough. This is the culmination of a year of hard work and fun with the School Dance program. Information has been distributed; please contact Carly McLatchie (Dance Coordinator – Edrington) for further details.

Year 8 Graduation

Friday, 14 November, will mark the end of an era for our Year 8 students as their journey in Middle School comes to an end. They will be farewelled at a Graduation Ceremony beginning at 8.50 am in John Twist Hall. At the conclusion of this ceremony, Year 8 students and their parents will be invited to share morning tea together, with Middle School staff, in the Sports Hall. Further details about this day have been sent home with Year 8 students.

Kristy Kendall

Head of Edrington, Berwick


Edrington Calendar



Newlands Report

Remembrance Assembly

The Newlands Remembrance Day Assembly will be held near the flag poles outside the Resource Centre on Tuesday, 11 November, commencing at 10.50 am. Middle School students will be involved in a time of reflection as we observe one minute of silence in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts.


The Annual General Meeting of the Haileybury Parents was held recently. I am pleased to announce the following office bearers for 2015:

President: Cheryl Coombs

Vice President: Kymme Fujihara

Secretary: Beth Grech

Treasurer: Marianne Mason.

Movie Event

The SRC has been busy organising a Years 7 and 8 Movie Afternoon. This will take place during Periods 7 and 8 on Thursday, 13 November. The afternoon promises to be fantastic, with a movie voted for by the students on the big screen in Berthon Hall. Students are able to bring some food to share and a cushion to sit on to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Whole School Junior String Recital

The Haileybury Whole School Junior String Recital will be a combined event for students at Castlefield, Edrington and Newlands. It will take place in Aikman Hall at Senior School Keysborough on Tuesday, 18 November. The recital will commence at 4.30 pm and will conclude by 5.30 pm. We welcome all members of the Haileybury community, family and friends to come and support our talented String students.

Chess Success

Six students competed at the State Chess Semi-Finals on Monday, 20 October. It is a select-entry competition with a maximum age of Year 6 and a maximum team size of 10 students. There are 80 schools that reach this stage. Haileybury students consisted of Lachlan Yu, Emma Yu, Matthew Hau, Brodie Nash, Maclellan Zhang and Yikai Zhou. Haileybury placed equal 3rd out of 26 schools on the day and progressed through to the State Final where approximately 20 schools compete. This will take place on Friday, 7 November, at Canterbury Chess Club.

Head Lice

Please be aware that if your child has any of the signs and symptoms of head lice, they must be excluded from School until the day after appropriate treatment has commenced. If you have any questions or concerns, consult your local pharmacist, doctor or please do not hesitate to contact the School Nurse on 9213 2264.

Bupa 'Hey Buddy' Ride

Photos of the staff's involvement in the Bupa Around the Bay in a Day are included in this edition of Insight. Congratulations to all staff members involved.

Newlands Report


2015 ELC Orientation Morning

Children attending the ELC in 2015 and their parents are invited to attend an Orientation Morning at the Newlands ELC, 9.30 to 11.00 am on Saturday, 15 November. Children will participate in play activities within their classrooms and playgrounds during the morning. Teaching staff will be available for discussions with parents.

Supervision of Children in the Playground Before and After School

The ELC children enjoy their play interactions with classmates before and after School. Please maintain supervision of children's physical and verbal interactions with each other at these times. During these times, parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of their own children.

Newlands Report


Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to the many families from ELC-Year 6 who have contributed towards the Junior School Social Justice initiative Operation Christmas Child. Any further Christmas boxes would be warmly welcomed. Please see Mr Grenville Green or Ms Jo Lovell if you have any questions.

Prep Transition

Over the coming weeks, 2015 Prep students will commence their Prep Orientation. These sessions assist students to become familiar with the Prep teachers, classrooms and School life in the Newlands Junior School. A Prep 2015 Information Evening will be held in the Newlands Resource Centre on Tuesday, 25 November, at 6.00 pm.

iPad Information Evening

As recently announced by Principal Derek Scott, from 2015 all Junior School students will have one-to-one access to an iPad at School. An iPad Information Evening will be held in Berthon Hall for all 2015 Junior School families on Thursday, 13 November, at 7.00 pm. Regional Primary School Golf Aryan Sharma from Year 3 has qualified for the Regional Primary School Golf Finals to be held at Sandhurst Golf Course on Monday, 17 November. Aryan shot a score of 39, 4 Over for 9 holes. Aryan led a group of approximately 65 students from Years 3 to 6 under windy, hot conditions and won the tournament by 7 shots.

Regional Primary School Golf

Aryan Sharma from Year 3 has qualified for the Regional Primary School Golf Finals to be held at Sandhurst Golf Course on Monday, 17 November. Aryan shot a score of 39, 4 Over for 9 holes. Aryan led a group of approximately 65 students from Years 3 to 6 under windy, hot conditions and won the tournament by 7 shots.


Newlands Report


United Nations Youth Voice Competition

On Thursday, 26 October, two Newlands students travelled to the University of Melbourne to participate in a unique public speaking competition that not only enables students to discuss pressing global issues but also requires them to formulate innovative solutions to these problems, lobby for their consideration and defend their validity. Abhishek Kumar from Year 8 presented a very persuasive plan for how we can ensure leaders listen to the opinions of young people. Sahil Bhatia from Year 7 presented an excellent plan for how we can prevent discrimination against minority groups.

Assessment of Language Competence – Chinese Certificate 2

The Assessment of Language Competence is a nation-wide language skills test developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The results of the Year 8 Chinese students were very pleasing. Congratulations to the following students who received an award: Holly Li, Helena Peng, Charlie Chen, Frank Chen, Kevin Li, William Miao, Emily Cao, Angel Luu, Kylie Truong, Rose Zhao, Adrian Chi, Michael Huang, Ethan Huynh, Dennis Liang, Teng Long, Megan Hau, Zekai Lin and Ben Zhang.

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands, Keysborough


Newlands Calendar




Girls Sport

Haileybury's best girls athletics result ever! 

The Hearts finished the Combined APS Athletics in 3rd position, the best result in their short history.


Girls Sport


The Haileybury Girls Athletics program has had great success during the 2014 season, with many outstanding results on both the track and field. The girls' unwavering dedication has seen the team rewarded with their strongest season to date. The Hearts achieved commendable results in the 2014 All School Victorian Relays, where eight teams made the finals, and the 2014 Victorian Schools Knockout Championships, where our senior girls became Victorian Champions. The icing on the cake was our impressive result of 3rd at the APS Finals, in a meet that saw 14 APS records broken. To achieve such a result in a very competitive year was a reflection of our hard work and commitment to training.

This year we had six individual event wins at the APS Finals:

Khoeby Holohan – Under 14 100m, 200m and Long Jump

Romy Teubler – Under 16 Triple Jump

Ally Brammer – Open Hurdles

Hannah Pastore – Open B Shot Put. In addition,

Zoe Preston broke the Open Shot Put record; however, finished 2nd in this event.

The depth of talent within the team was highlighted by a further 10 2nd place individual results and a much stronger relay contingent than previous years. The Under 14 4x100m Relay team broke the APS record while finishing in 2nd place behind a dominant Wesley team.

Stefanie Eade and Libby Lewin

Directors of Girls Sport

Boys Sport

The Bloods Athletics squad has again competed valiantly in a hard-fought APS season. In 2014, the boys secured 6 out of a possible 23 A final berths and on 11 October, the Bloods finished 7th among the APS schools.


Boys Sport

During the 2014 season, the boys achieved some notable results again at the two integral lead-up events – the State Knockout Titles and All Schools Relay Championships. The senior boys along with the intermediate boys both won silver medals, which secured them a spot to compete at the National Knockout Finals in Adelaide in December. At the All Schools Relay Championships, Haileybury finished a mere one point behind 3rd place, after all the teams produced consistently high results on the scoreboard.

Notable performances on finals day included Daniel Hamilton winning both the 800m and 1500m in the U16 group and Stefan Simic clearing 13 metres for the Boys U17 Triple Jump competition to finish 2nd. Many other personal records were broken by the boys who were never willing to give up.

The Years 7 and 8 Athletics squad represented their School with distinction at the APS Junior Secondary Athletics meeting held last Wednesday, 22 October, at Doncaster Athletics Track. The team can be proud of their terrific performances against the other APS schools.

Many of our students ran their best times for the season and all team members gave their very best. Outstanding performances and 1st places on the day included: Cody Bellgrove – U/14 Long and Triple Jumps (A Division), Hugo Ralphsmith – U/13 800m (A Division), Romin Kodikara – U/13 800m (B Division) and U/13 1500m (A Division), Max Trevina – U/15 800m (B Division), Alec Douglas – U/15 100m (B Division), Samuel Adenawo – U/14 100m (A Division), Fletcher Smith – U/14 100m (B Division), Liam Redmond – 100m (C Division), Fynn Williams – 100m (D Division), Lachlan Lam – U/13 Hurdles (A Division), Rohan Baswa – U/13 Hurdles (B Division) and the U/13 4 x 100m Relay team comprising of Lachlan Lam, Romin Kodikara, Nick Theodosiou and Hugo Ralphsmith (A Division). 

Although the season may seem over, the boys have still got some hard work ahead to compete at the individual All Schools Championships in November, as well as the National Knockout Finals in December. Added to this, the boys will continue training in preparation for the next season, which we believe will be one full of reward for the Haileybury Boys Athletic team.


Ryan Ruffels came 4th in the Asia-Pacific Amateur played at Royal Melbourne Golf Club only just missing out on a spot at the US Masters for 2015. Ryan finished the tournament 3 under; an amazing performance. Stewart Petley (Castlefield Year 7) was a volunteer at this tournament.

Time to be sun smart!

With summer sport training now in full swing, it is a timely reminder for our students (who play outside sports) to come prepared for the hazards of sun exposure – meaning that our boys are equipped with a hat, sunscreen and a drink bottle for each training session, PE lesson and Saturday competition match.

John Headlam

Director of Middle School Boys Sport

Greg Schneiders

Director of Sport Development – Boys


The Arts

Ashley Gray - the Socialite

Ashley Gray - the Socialite

The VCE examinations are in full swing but we still have some major events to come that will keep the musicians in particular on their toes. 

The Spring Concert was a great success with the largest audience for any concert this year. 

Despite the busy end of year, we are already looking to next year's calendar of Performing and Visual Arts events and it is promising to be a year of opportunities for all performers. We are particularly excited about a new event to be presented off campus at a premier venue in Melbourne.


Performing Arts


The performance examinations have been completed and our attention turns to the written examinations in the coming weeks. The VCE Drama students presented to their parents and a good number of friends last week as a final dress rehearsal. The quality of the performances was very high and some valuable refinements, especially associated with timing, were gleaned from presenting to a live audience. I have included some images, which will give an insight into the expressive skills and stagecraft developed by the students.


Our Year 9 Drama elective (From Character to Script) students participated in the Malthouse Theatre's The Suitcase Series at The Cube, Frankston. Over 100 students presented their versions of the script entitled normal.suburban.planetary.meltdown. Students were allowed to manipulate the challenging script as much, or as little, as they wanted to. The range of responses from the students was extraordinary. Apart from getting to perform in a professional theatre space, the students got to see the quality of work other students of various ages and skills produced.

Stewart Bell

Director of Performing and Visual Arts


On Thursday, 13 November, at 7.00 pm, Dance students from all three campuses will perform in Haileybury's annual Dance Gala. The performance will showcase students from Prep to Year 12, with Junior and Middle School students performing two group pieces each and our VCE Dance students displaying their own choreography.

The event will be held in Aikman Hall at Keysborough. Tickets will be available at the door, at a cost of $10 for adults and $5 for children and pensioners.

It is sure to be a fantastically fun evening, so please feel free to come along and support the Haileybury Dancers in their final performance for the year.

Lauren Perfect

Head of Dance



The Middle School Woodwind Soirees were held in Week 2 in the David Bradshaw Chapel. This provided the opportunity for Middle School students to perform as a soloist with an accompanist; for many it was their first performance. The students also gained from the experience of hearing other students. Families enjoyed the evening hearing the outcome of all that practice at home!


This year's Spring Concert was the most successful to date with over 200 students from Years 3-9 playing in some very large ensembles. Parents and friends enjoyed refreshments in the Frank Northcott Quadrangle listening to the Jazz Combos. Then the Concert took place in Aikman Hall, with combined ensembles from all campuses filling the stage and the hall with some interesting and exciting music. For many of these young musicians it was their first concert. Donations collected for the music program at the Dili International School raised $295.60.


In an action-filled day, the Middle School Magenta Choir spent Sunday, 19 October, recording tracks for a Haileybury Choral music CD. With the choir now almost at 90 members, they are a formidable force, sounding fantastic. Now in the final stages of production, the CD (to be launched in November), How Can I Keep from Singing, also features live performances by our Senior Choir, Haileybury Singers. Produced and marketed by the Haileybury Choral Society, it presents a wide range of music, from familiar favourites and Christmas pieces to a new and exciting repertoire.

Amanda Rowarth

Head of Music


The Haileybury Community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Haileybury celebrates a strong sense of community

Read more about upcoming events from:


Haileybury Foundation

Castlefield Parents and Friends

Edrington Parents and Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

Old Haileyburians Association



HMA and the Haileybury Institute were delighted to present an Evening with Deputy Principal John Fleming and the School Executive. It was wonderful that so many Haileybury ELC and Junior School parents were in attendance on Wednesday night. We would like to express our appreciation to Haileybury for the opportunity to hear first-hand Australia's leading expert on Explicit Teaching.

At this time of year, the HMA Uniform Shop is abuzz with activity, as families prepare for the new academic year. We are open every Friday during the School term from 1.00 till 4.00 pm. Please note that we are NOT open this Saturday, 1 November, as the School is closed for the mid-semester break. We have plenty of summer uniforms in stock and readily accept quality pre-loved, current Haileybury uniforms to offer for sale. A win-win for all! So, drop in and see us…we look forward to welcoming you. Volunteers to help in the Uniform Shop are also most appreciated. Funds raised from these sales are made available to the School for equipment or in the form of donations to worthy causes.

Our next HMA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 11 November, at 10.00 am. Once again our meeting will be held in the Barney Allen Centre at Senior School, Keysborough. Mr Craig Glass, Senior Vice Principal (Education) will be our informative guest speaker. We are looking forward to his wisdom and insight into all aspects of education at Haileybury. Come along and enjoy with other like-minded and interested parents. Light refreshments will be served.

Our end-of-year celebration luncheon will be held at the Shark Fin Inn, Keysborough. This restaurant is a Keysborough Yum Cha institution. As the umbrella parent organisation of all of Haileybury, this is a wonderful way to meet with parents representing all three Melbourne Haileybury campuses. We always have representation from parents from ELC to Year 12. Many of our attendees are first timers, so remember you are always most welcome to come along to our events. As parents of current students at Haileybury, you are already a member. We look forward to seeing you there…bring a friend! It costs $40 per person, and a glass of wine/soft drink is included. Bookings are through TryBooking.

All the very best to all families at this hectic time of year…we know students and staff have worked so incredibly hard to get where they are in preparation for these assessments. HMA looks forward to seeing you at an event very soon!

Kymme Fujihara

President, HMA

Haileybury Foundation

The Haileybury Foundation was delighted recently to receive notification of a grant from the William Buckland Foundation to provide two full scholarships for children of Indigenous background entering Haileybury in 2015.

The William Buckland Foundation provides funding to support a wide range of activities and organisations for the benefit of the Victorian community.

The son (William '40) and grandsons (Derek '66 and Kim '67) of William Buckland (Snr) attended Haileybury. We are grateful for this support and delighted that two children who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend Haileybury will now be able to do so.

Applications close on Friday, 7 November. Further information and an application form can be found on the website.

Apply Now 

The Foundation asks for the support of the greater Haileybury community by pledging a commitment to help consolidate Haileybury's position as one of Australia's great schools, as well as helping to achieve our vision of being recognised as a great world school.

Donate Now 

For further information or to make a donation, please contact Russell Davidson, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, on the following:

Phone: +61 3 9904 6140


Your Foundation Team

Castlefield Parents and Friends

With the Castlefield Carnival rapidly approaching, the excitement leading up to this great event is mounting. Ride bands are selling rapidly so to be in the draw to win one of the fantastic prizes, you will need to be quick. Ride bands can be purchased online.

You are all welcome to come along and join in the fun. This year, kids will have the opportunity to compete in challenges against their favourite Castlefield teachers; there will be plenty of delicious options for a snack or dinner; and, of course, there will be a huge variety of rides and attractions for kids of all ages.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

Nicole Piastri

President, Castlefield Parents & Friends

Edrington Parents and Friends


One of the most popular events on the Junior School calendar is upon us. Tonight, John Twist Hall will be abuzz with excitement from witches, zombies and more as our Junior School students will be monster mashing at our Halloween celebration. There will be plenty of surprises for all, even some trick or treating to complete the night.

Thank you to all our parents for their support in making this spook-tacular event fun for all. 


Tuesday, 25 November

Parents & Friends Edrington Christmas break-up lunch.

Invitations will be out shortly.


Opening times for the rest of Term 4:

Tuesday, 11 November: 8.30 – 10.00 am

Tuesday, 18 November: 8.30 – 10.00 am

Tuesday, 25 November (Up Day): 8.00 am – 12.00 noon

Tuesday, 2 December: 8.30 – 10.00 am.

Tanya Blackledge

President, Edrington Parents & Friends

Newlands Parents and Friends

The HPFN AGM was held on Tuesday night. I am delighted to announce that all members on the 2014 HPFN Committee have been re-elected for 2015. Congratulations to Kymme Fujihara (Vice President), Beth Grech (Secretary) and Marianne Mason (Treasurer). We have had a wonderful year. Thank you to Jane Gibbs for her ongoing support of the HPFN, and our sincere gratitude goes to all the families who continue to make Newlands a vibrant and connected community.

HPFN are proud to launch the Haileybury School Journal. The journals are individually hand-bound albums which are fully expandable, enabling you to compile your child's School memories, including photos, certificates, awards, artwork, and other memorabilia, over many years. Please see the attached brochure for more information. The Haileybury School Journal can be viewed at the Newlands Administration Office and may be ordered through Trybooking. The Standard Journal sells for $35 and the Deluxe Journal sells for $50. Orders can be placed up until 10 November 2014. This will ensure delivery before the end of November.

Once again, HPFN are pleased to offer Year 4 and Year 8 students a Signature Graduation Bear to purchase as a permanent reminder of their time at Newlands. Please see the attached brochure for further details.

Finally, thank you to all the parents who attended our last Digital Parenting Seminar for 2014. These workshops have been a wonderful addition to the HPFN calendar. We look forward to bringing you more Digital Parenting Seminars in 2015.

Cheryl Coombs

President, Newlands Parents & Friend

Old Haileyburians Association

OHA Media

The Old Haileyburians Association is pleased to launch our new promotional clip, showcasing the highlights and benefits of becoming an OHA Member via the perspectives of some familiar faces. Click here to watch!

Upcoming Events

OHA Current and Past Parents Cocktail party

The OHA is again delighted to be able to welcome current and past parents into our community. In 2015 we will once again be conducting our extremely successful Parents Cocktail Party at Keysborough. The date for this event is Wednesday 4 March 2015.

The objective of the event is to welcome current and former (particularly those who have just had sons or daughters graduate) parents into the OHA community and provide you with some information as to the activities and services that we provide our former students (and parents).

There is no charge to attend the event, however bookings are essential and will be taken through early in 2015.


OHA current and past parents cocktail party 2014

Recently Held Events

OHA Golf Day

On the 24th October, over 50 current students and Old Haileyburians teed off at one of Melbourne most exclusive golf courses – Huntingdale. Congratulations to Adam Floyd (94') on winning the Hattam Metherall Trophy for best individual player of the day, and also to Justin Main, Zara Woodbridge, Josh Hetherington and Harry Bottomley for achieving the best team result for the day.