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More than blazers and ties

Haileybury is a uniquely rewarding educational experience. Through our brilliant teaching and learning, students can discover more, achieve more and become more.

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Meet Ajas
Meet Alexandria
Meet Archer
Meet Julian
Meet Mark
Meet Ruby
Meet Yasmin

Meet Ajas


More than an up-and-coming musical master on the violin, Ajas is also an enthusiastic soccer player on the field. He’s a prime example of a well-rounded Junior Haileybury student, with a bright ambition to be a doctor one day. For now, he loves meeting up with his friends and playing sports with his classmates – not to mention sitting down for his favourite lesson of the day – Mathematics!

Meet Alexandria


Alexandria (OH 2021) aspires to foster creativity and learning in all aspects of her future - the presence of music, performance and theatre was always inevitable in her journey. At Haileybury, she participated in every choir, jazz combo, Tattoo, musical, play, vocal ensemble and solo performance she was able to – and just as her voice rang clear throughout her years at School, Haileybury welcomed her back with open arms to be the voice behind this video.

Meet Archer


A stellar sportsman with a penchant for English, Archer has future aspirations for the business world. Encouraged by the School to explore his passions, Archer has found the perfect balance between the sports and the academics. So, whether he is representing Haileybury or his local footy club on the field, presenting in front of his English class or balancing chemical equations in Science, Archer has the support around him to thrive.

Meet Julian


All about the Arts, Julian is an avid participant in many extra-curricular activities including the Pipes and Drums band, Drama club and landing the lead role of the 2018 Tattoo. Outside of music and theatre he loves to dabble in debating and is always looking forward to the next House Sport event. Julian has his eyes on many more acting and musical opportunities during his Senior years and beyond Haileybury – we know we’ll be front row!

Meet Mark


For most, Haileybury remains part of their life long after they graduate. Meet, Mark Harrop our Head of Boys Middle School and Class of 1987 alumnus. He leads an impressive cohort of boys under the mantra 'work hard and be kind'. When he is not fostering a culture of bold learning for our students, he finds time for the simple pleasures of family life and his many sporting pursuits. Haileybury is proud to have Mark inspire our next set of leaders.

Meet Ruby


Our students are fostered to be the best versions of themselves. Like Ruby, who exemplifies the ‘quiet achiever’. She’ll never tell you that she’s an awarded diver, kicks goals as an aerobics-loving soccer star, or proudly a member of our Pipes and Drums band. She’s a humble, happy go-lucky kid that simply loves doing what she loves at school … and we love that even more.

Meet Yasmin


Yasmin is leaping to great heights both in the studio and classroom. Well-respected amongst her peers, she flourishes in the School community, whether it be forming strong friendships on camp or building comradery amongst the cohort. Yasmin is a student who finds it hard to pick a favourite subject as she enjoys them all … but when pushed she would rank Maths as her standout. On stage and in the School, Yasmin’s balance is perfection!

Discover our talented students

More than embracing her dreams.
Meet Rebekah, our character extraordinaire in the making who loves to sing, dance and act. She has graced stages both at School and with amateur theatre companies, showcasing her talents in a diverse repertoire of musicals. When she is not strengthening her voice in singing lessons, she is improvising a dance or writing her own lines in English class. Whatever dream role she chooses to perform next, we will be sure to have a front row seat.
Rebekah Drama

More than a word wizard.
Introducing Zachary — a classic all-rounder. When he is not showcasing his moves on the basketball court, he is quite the wordsmith having won the Prime Minister’s Spelling Bee! Outside of crafting words and his basketball skills you will find him exploring his musical side on the cello and piano. Haileybury empowers students like Zachary to explore all their passions and we think that’s a slam dunk.
Zachary Basketball

More than a natural leader.
Providing opportunity to explore varied interests is something we hold dear at Haileybury. Meet our Sustainability Captain, Deanna, who’s passion for protecting natural resources led her to initiate building veggie patches as part of the Middle School. Her natural talents also extend to the soccer field, which she carefully balances with her love of Music and Mathematics. Who knows what interests will sprout next!
Deanna Tree

More than a roaring imagination.
Bright young minds embark on a journey of discovery at our Early Learning Centres. With an inspiring curriculum and natural play areas, we’re proud to help shape their love for learning. Every day brings new opportunities to discover, imagine and grow — sparking big imaginations and igniting their future passions. Like Ryder, our curious palaeontologist in the making.
Ryder Dinosaur

More than a fearless performer.
No matter the age, Haileybury students are encouraged to explore varied interests, just like Junior School student Hamilton. When he is not on stage performing in major productions like Mary Poppins, he can be found exploring his favourite subjects, Computer Science and Mathematics. Whether it’s singing and dancing on stage or solving equations, Hamilton is dedicated to pursuing his passions, and we think that deserves a standing ovation.
Hamilton Drama

More than a budding gymnast.
Myeisha’s natural curiosity means she loves to try her hand at new things. Our goal at Haileybury is to help students like her do exactly that. She’s learning gymnastics, skating and even sings with a choir. But her favourite passion? Cooking sticky date pudding from scratch. Myeisha dreams of opening a restaurant one day — and we’re passionate about providing her with all the ingredients she needs for success.
Myeisha Cooking