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Middle School

Years 5 - 8
Growing resilient, high achieving and independent learners

The Haileybury program is tailored to each educational stage and builds resilient and independent learners with a strong work ethic and critical skills in decision-making, leadership and enterprise.

The students leave Haileybury as well-rounded young citizens with a love for learning, prepared for life on the global stage and with the drive to be active members of society.

Our Middle School program

The Middle School curriculum is designed to cultivate independent high-achieving learners through an environment where exploration, innovation and aspiration are nurtured.

Haileybury Middle School caters to the changing needs of students in their formative years, helping with the transition from primary school to secondary school while students continue to develop their knowledge and skills through a varied curriculum.

Our Middle School program covers every key developmental stage within supportive, single-gender classes that cater for the social, emotional and educational needs of pre-adolescents and adolescents.

What are the Middle Years?

The term ‘Middle Years’ describes a stage of schooling that bridges the divide between standard primary and secondary education. It responds more effectively to the specific needs of young adolescents, with the focus on developing a deeper understanding of concepts and higher-level learning outcomes.

“Haileybury's Middle School is for students in Years 5–8. Students starting in Year 7 benefit from much-needed support while they transition into secondary education.”

The advantages of parallel education

Middle School at Haileybury introduces parallel education where students are separated into single-gender classrooms for their academic studies and for Sport and Camping programs.

The Parallel Education Model has many advantages, providing the best of both worlds in one school. Although learning in separate classes, boys and girls share the same campus and socialise and thrive in co-curricular activities together. In addition, we support interactions through our carefully developed programs including in the Arts, Social Justice and Curious Minds.

An exclusive, engaging curriculum

Throughout Middle School, students continue to develop their skills and knowledge in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Thrive (real world and future-ready skills), Physical Education and Wellbeing while beginning to dive deeper into areas that drive their interest.

Language study is offered as part of the core Academic program until the end of Year 9: Years 5 and 6 students study Chinese, while Years 7 and 8 students can select from Chinese, French or, depending on which campus they attend, Japanese.

“Each year, students in Years 5–7 complete a semester of study in Art, Computer Science, Drama and Music.”
Anna Sever, Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning)

Students who demonstrate an aptitude for language study during Year 7 and meet the criteria, are invited to select an additional language to study in an accelerated mode in Year 8. Accelerated languages available are Latin- (online), Chinese, French or, depending on which campus they attend, Japanese.

Continual reporting and measurement

Student growth is measured and reported on throughout the year using the reporting system, myFeedback.

This platform allows students, and their parents, to receive real-time feedback to help guide and improve their learning when it is needed. It also allows students to review comments and marks on any device at any time.

Personal wellbeing

"Every student matters every day" (Dr Robert Pargetter) at Haileybury and our approach to this concept is based around a wellbeing curriculum and pastoral care delivered by staff. Our Middle School wellbeing curriculum is designed to engage students in a safe and supportive learning environment where they can ask questions, have discussions about topics that are relevant to adolescent development, with a central focus on respectful relationships.

Haileybury also has a professional team of School Psychologists who provide counselling services to students who self-refer or who are referred by staff or parents.

Startup: a focus on the entrepreneurial mindset

As part of our commitment to being entrepreneurial and enterprising, every student in Year 8 completes the Startup program.

This carefully developed course is designed to develop work-ready skills such as teamwork, digital literacy, critical thinking and presentation using design thinking. It introduces the Business Model Canvas and ideas from the Lean Start Up movement. Whether our students go on to be entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs or otherwise, we want them to have the tools, skills and mindset to solve complex problems.


Haileybury is a leader in utilising appropriate technology to support learning outcomes. Middle School students join our Managed Device Program whereby they purchase a School-issued device that is fully supported.

Outside the classroom

Middle School builds on interests and passions and offers numerous activities to engage and challenge students.

We have an extensive Music program including string, brass, woodwind and percussion ensembles and there are opportunities for private tuition in many different instruments.

All students participate in intraschool House sport and interschool sport. Years 5 and 6 students compete in interschool sport on Wednesdays. From Year 7, students compete in the Saturday Sport program as part of the APS/AGSV competition.

Our Curious Minds programs also offer an extensive selection of co- and extra-curricular clubs and programs themed in both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and LEAP (Literature, Enterprise, Arts and Politics). From immersive experiences like Model UN, to entrepreneurial ventures such as $20 Boss, Haileybury's unique Hive Beekeeping program and Digitech Explorers, students have the opportunity to explore their interests, develop new skills, and nurture their passions. In addition, competitions such as the Science Talent Search, Tournament of the Minds, Debating, and the Human Powered Vehicle Energy Breakthrough offer students real-world challenges and invaluable experiences.