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Haileybury Senior School Tianjin (HSST) and Tianjin Haileybury Elite School (THES) are located on Gongxue Road, in the Peninsula International Town, a satellite town for Beijing at the centre of JingJinJi, the new national capital region of China encompassing Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas. The campus is near the main expressway between the two cities and is approximately a 45-minute drive from Beijing CBD and 80 minutes from the Tianjin CBD.

  • The Haileybury Elite School (Years 1-9)
  • Haileybury Senior School Tianjin (Years 10-12)

Mr Andrew McAree

Executive Principal

Ms Renee Coventry

International Principal

The campus boasts an extensive range of high-quality facilities, providing students with everything they need as they progress their learning and development. These include 48 classrooms equipped with state-of-the art electronic whiteboards and wireless internet, nine international education-style Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories, a state-of-the-art library, music performance and individual practice rooms, two dance studios, art and craft rooms.

To promote physical wellbeing the campus has a gymnasium, weights room, boxing room, swimming pool and table tennis facilities. Outside, there is a soccer pitch, tennis and basketball courts and a running track. There is a separate adventure playground for Junior School students, comprising mini-basketball courts, mini-soccer courts and a mini-golf course.


At a glance

Academic Success

Tianjin follows the renowned Haileybury Program and provides a varied and academically challenging curriculum that delivers outstanding academic results year on year.

Campus Facilities

Tianjin boasts an extensive range of high quality facilities including 48 classrooms, nine Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories, a library, music performance and individual practice rooms, a gymnasium, weights room, swimming pool, and a running track.

Leadership Team

Tianjin is fortunate to have a dedicated and highly experienced leadership team at the helm, ensuring students and staff learn and work in a supportive and thriving environment.

Teaching Excellence

Our exceptional, professional teachers are fundamental to optimal learning. Their passion for teaching, tireless efforts and ongoing support give students the drive to achieve the best possible outcomes.



The Haileybury Senior School Tianjin (HSST) program is tailored to each student and builds resilient students with a strong work ethic and critical skills in decision-making, leadership and enterprise. They leave Haileybury as well-rounded young citizens with a love for learning, prepared for life on the global stage and with the drive to do more for society.

HSST teaches both the Australian VCE and Chinese Gaokao curricula, seeking to bring together the best of the Chinese and western educational philosophies. It benefits from over a century of experience in Australian education and the advantages of traditional Chinese teaching, while emphasising innovative thinking and flexibility. This unique blend provides students with a world-class education and access to the wider teaching and academic resources of Haileybury.

Subjects in the VCE are taught by a combination of international and bilingual staff and the small classes, personalised training and care programs help develop students’ ability to apply the English language. This structure also supports the development of their ability to direct their own learning, communicate effectively, work in a team and build leadership at all levels.

The academic and pastoral programs feature skills such as resilience, creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. We expect all our students to leave School prepared for the challenges that they will encounter when they study abroad.


Getting here

6 Gonxue Road, Gaocun County, Wuqing District, Tianjin - China