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Haileybury Parents & Friends

Inviting broader community engagement

About our P&F groups

Haileybury Parents & Friends consists of a number of organisations that encourage parents to participate in the life of the School. The overarching aim is to support the educational and wellbeing goals of Haileybury through community and social experiences for students, families and friends of the School.

Structure and purpose

Each of the four Melbourne sites has a Parents & Friends (PFA) Committee, and each shares the same purposes:

  • Providing structures and support to individuals and groups of people so they can pursue interests beneficial to the wellbeing of the site and the wider community.
  • Building community relations and spirit within the School.
  • Raising funds for the School.

Every parent and legal guardian is a member of the PFA. The Association has a President, an Executive and a Committee, made up of parents from across the Haileybury community. It also has Year Parents, who are responsible for organising events for their particular Year level.

The PFA Committee and Year Parents meet each term and plan the organisation of various events and activities that contribute to the development of a happy and united School community.

All funds raised by the PFA are given back to Haileybury for diverse needs and projects. The Committee is always happy to hear from parents who would wish to become involved in the School community, and new members of the Committee are welcomed at the beginning of each year.


The PFA manages an extensive range of supporters’ clubs, for sport, music and arts, and includes:

Sport Club Name
Haileybury FC
Corda Club
Hazlitt Club
Snow Sports
Friends of Haileybury - Snow Sports
Pipes & Drums
Friends of Haileybury - Pipes & Drums
Haileybury Choral Society
Friends of Haileybury Equestrian
Friends of Haileybury FC (Soccer)
Haileybury Swim

It warmly welcomes new members and proposals for new clubs to help build the community.