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Community Focus

Why Haileybury

Haileybury students are able to flourish because of the strong teaching and developmental framework we have in place. Innovative teaching methods and a firm focus on academic excellence inspire classroom learning, while a safe and supportive learning environment and strong community ethos help every student build confidence, connection and a strong sense of place.

Our strong community focus is a key part of this approach, and Haileybury is above all an integrated and passionate and united group of students, staff, parents, guardians and alumni, working together to ensure Haileybury remains a supportive and enriching environment in which to learn and socialise.

Parent and student satisfaction at a record high

Each year, independent schools in Victoria receive insights into how they are performing in the eyes of their students, families and school community.

LEAD stands for Listen, Evaluate, Act, Deliver—which is a concise summary of how schools can interpret and build on LEAD survey results. Parent satisfaction, student satisfaction, quality of teaching, peer support and staff technology are all part of the assessment and receive a mark out of 10.

The surveys are developed to help schools make informed decisions, gain a realistic picture of their effectiveness and provide a 360-degree view of performance through the eyes of those involved directly with the school.

Despite the challenges and disruptions faced by schools during the past two years due to COVID-19, the 2021 LEAD surveys’ results at Haileybury have been among the strongest yet.

“The major factor for this has been the brilliant work of Haileybury teachers and it was a great boost to them to see the Parent Quality of Teaching result at 8.73/10,” says Haileybury CEO|Principal Mr Derek Scott.

“Of course, much of our teaching over the past two years has been delivered in the virtual online classroom and highly visible to parents. This makes the record Quality of Teaching result all the more remarkable.”

Parents who want to know more about the LEAD School Effectiveness Surveys can go to the Independent Schools Victoria website at

Forging strong connections for all

Students can take advantage of a wide range of House activities and a vibrant social program to develop important skills and build social awareness. From Youth Week, Arts Week, and class parties to productions, dances and Year 12 Formals, students can keep busy and engaged in positive social settings throughout the school year.

Our alumni have a vibrant platform on which to connect with each other: The Old Haileyburians Association gives our alumni the opportunity to stay in touch with Haileybury. It provides sporting and business opportunities as well as arranges reunions and other activities.

For Haileybury parents, caregivers and wider families there are many opportunities to participate in the life of the School including the Parents & Friends campus committees, Friends of Music, Friends of Pipes & Drums, and various clubs linked to particular sports.

Providing support and care

We have zero tolerance for any behaviour that puts the wellbeing of our community at risk, including bullying, sexual harassment or assault and we continue to provide an environment that ensures those in our care have appropriate protection and support.

“As part of our ongoing focus on providing educational environments that are safe and supportive, Haileybury has entered the National Redress Scheme and has committed to providing acknowledgement, support and care for anyone impacted by sexual abuse.”

The National Redress Scheme was created in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which estimated that 60,000 people experienced institutional child sexual abuse in Australia. It provides acknowledgement and support to people who experienced such abuse and is an alternative to seeking compensation through the courts.

The National Redress Scheme can provide three things:

  • access to counselling
  • a payment; and
  • a direct personal response from the institute (e.g. an apology) for the people who want it.

The scheme started on 1 July 2018 and will run for 10 years.

Free and confidential Redress Support Services are available throughout the process. They can help explain the Scheme and who can apply. For more information, please visit The National Redress Scheme website or call 1800 737 377.