Education awards

Why Haileybury

Haileybury students are able to flourish because of the strong teaching and developmental framework we have in place. Innovative teaching methods and a firm focus on academic excellence inspire classroom learning, while a safe and supportive learning environment and strong community ethos help every student build confidence, connection and a strong sense of place.

The recognition that Haileybury receives for its educational programs forms a key part of this approach: although not a reason for the education we provide, such acknowledgement offers proof that what we do is respected and successful.

Strongly endorsed

Haileybury has been endorsed as one of Australia’s best schools, achieving national recognition and multiple awards as a result of our unique combination of innovation, unrivalled educators and extraordinary results. National frameworks and organisations continue to share in our mission to develop high-achieving, globally connected students.

Providing support and care

We have zero tolerance for any behaviour that puts the wellbeing of our community at risk, including bullying, sexual harassment or assault and we continue to provide an environment that ensures those in our care have appropriate protection and support.

A wide range of awards

We have received multiple awards from the Australian Education Awards, including Australian School Principal of the Year, No.1 Ranked Co-education Primary School, Department Head of the Year and 2018 Australian School of the Year.

These awards acknowledge the outstanding staff and programs providing exceptional academic outcomes for students. The full list covers a wide range of areas and expertise:

  • Primary School of the Year - Non-government
  • Primary School Principal of the Year - Non-government
  • The Emeritus Professor Collette Tayler Excellence in Educational Leadership Award
  • Australian School Principal of the Year
  • School Principal of the Year - Non-government
  • Best Professional Learning Program
  • Department Head of the Year
  • Australian School of the Year
  • Exceeding Early Learning Quality Standards
  • No.1 Ranked Co-education Primary School