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Planning for the future

The purpose of the Haileybury Foundation

The gift of an education is a gift for life and together we can make a significant difference to the lives of our students. By creating a culture of connection and philanthropy within Haileybury and by giving back – through the gift of time, expertise, or money – every contribution, large or small, collectively makes a significant difference.

To truly secure the future of our great School, we need your support to consolidate Haileybury's position as one of Australia's great schools that produces outstanding students and academic results. Together, we can continue to provide our outstanding educational opportunities, buildings and facilities for the students of today and tomorrow.

There are a number of ways in which you can make a difference through donation.

Why Give to the Haileybury Foundation?

School fees alone are not enough to carry this great School into the future

We are committed to providing a world-class teaching program and outstanding facilities. Currently, Haileybury school fees cover the costs of employing the highest calibre teaching staff, of student-related educational expenses such as excursions, incursions and programs, and the general operating costs required to run state-of-the-art facilities across four Melbourne campuses and in Darwin.

The significant costs associated with this mean we need to source additional funding in order to continue delivering our Vision and Mission and to support our students.

Government funding is uncertain

Each year, State and Commonwealth Government funding for private institutions has been declining.

We can no longer rely on these funds to support projects and initiatives and so need the support of our Haileybury community to continue providing best-in-class facilities and programs for our students and staff.

Endowments support institutions through tough times

These unprecedented times highlight the importance of planning for the future and of supporting our community.

The Foundation has provided support but building an endowment over time will ensure our School’s longevity and enable us to support our students, families, those in crisis and to build new facilities when appropriate.

Our strong Governance ensures gifts are used for their intended purpose

Every gift to the Haileybury Foundation is used for its intended purpose. This may include the support of scholarships, our Building or Library Fund, or other programs.

All funds are managed by our Foundation Board and are not used for general School expense purposes.

Every gift makes a difference

Every gift, large or small adds up to a significant sum that collectively makes amazing things possible.

The world’s greatest schools and universities have the full philanthropical support of their communities, creating endowments and deep funds to support generations of students and secure the legacy of their great institutions. Let’s work together to elevate the greatness of Haileybury for future generations to come.

For further information please contact

Phone: +61 3 9904 6141