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Haileybury Society

Welcome to the Haileybury Society

The Haileybury Society provides a wonderful opportunity through which past parents and long-serving past staff can remain connected to Haileybury. Members of these groups have significantly contributed to the life of Haileybury and are keen to maintain a connection with the School and with each other.

The Haileybury Society is the vehicle for this continued connection.

Haileybury provides parents and staff with a social network. When our students leave, they become life members of the Old Haileyburians Association, a vital part of the Haileybury community. Equally important to us is the relationship we build with our parents and staff.

Hence the establishment of the Haileybury Society.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the Haileybury Society you will be invited to:

  • Society Events
  • Haileybury Sporting Fixtures
  • Christmas Carols
  • OHA Events (including Business Events, Golf Days)
  • Haileybury Musicals, Plays, Concerts
  • Haileybury Society Cocktail events
  • VIP Events on selected nights
  • Participate in the exclusive OHA Rewards program.

Membership to the Haileybury Society is free and automatic for those who are past parents, past staff, or members of the former Haileybury Society.

Former members of the Haileybury Society will be automatically elevated to the status of Patron of the Haileybury Society.

Further Information

For further information please contact the Director of Development and Alumni Relations at

“During my 13 years at Haileybury I met an incredible array of interesting, kind, caring, funny, charismatic Haileybury parents. Our immediate connection was our children but in time, our friendships developed and flourished. With my fourth child graduating this year, I look forward to maintaining these friendships and building new connections with other past Haileybury parents via the Haileybury Society. What a perfect avenue for us parents to thrive just as our children do via the OHA.”
Carole Dovaston (Former Haileybury parent)