Middle School

Years 5 – 8

Guiding growth towards individuality

Our Middle School program caters to the changing needs of students in these formative years. The program covers every delicate and crucial developmental stage, promoting learning, personal growth and self-confidence, and easing the transition from primary to secondary school.

Separate Middle Schools operate for boys and girls at each campus. This creates a structure where the particular needs of pre-adolescent and adolescent girls and boys can be met. It provides an environment where intellectual risk-taking can occur and optimal academic outcomes can be achieved. Interaction between these Middle Schools occurs when appropriate, such as in a carefully developed social education program, which includes the co-curricular program in the arts, community and academic extension activities.

Small class sizes ensure the individual needs of students are met by expert Middle School teachers.


Entry at Year 7

Turning a leap into a step

A very special program is provided for students entering Haileybury at Year 7, which ensures a coherent and happy student population.

To ease the transition, we minimise the number of teachers who take each student.  At the same time, we introduce trained specialist teachers to help move students beyond the single teacher classroom experience of primary school.  Classes are also kept small.