Year 9

A unique program developing resilience and independence

A crucial stage of a child's development is unquestionably that shift from adolescence to early adulthood.

To help students make the transition from Middle School to Senior School, we have introduced unique Pre‑Senior programs. Boys and girls will have different programs reflective of gender-specific needs, although both programs have many essential similarities. They will emphasise learning, space and opportunity for development, and strategies that encourage the emergence of the resilient, independent learner.

Our Pre-Senior students complete a comprehensive curriculum. The academic component of our Pre-Senior program is prioritised very highly. Our academic program is composed of both compulsory subjects and electives. The compulsory subjects include English, Mathematics, Science and at least one language, and these subjects are all allocated additional time, compared to the study areas within the curriculum.

  • Strong academic program
  • Outstanding National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy results
  • Exciting and challenging expeditions including the opportunity to spend time at Haileybury Beijing
  • The City campus will allow students to participate in an extended City Option
  • Special interest options
  • Development of life skills