Senior School

Years 10 - 12

Giving students every advantage



The Senior School operates at Keysborough, Berwick, Brighton and City (from 2018).  Students at Berwick, Brighton and City have the benefit of a small school environment while enjoying the benefits of being part of the larger school at Keysborough. 

The Haileybury Senior School (Years 10-12) program is unique.  It is the only program in the country where students come together from multiple campuses each week.  The purpose is clear: present students with challenges that will help them be ready for study, work and life after School.

Haileybury's structure sees students firstly choose their home campus for Year 10 as Keysborough, Brighton or Berwick and City).  All students come together on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at Keysborough for classes, Whole School Assemblies, House activities, personal development activities and sport.

The program brings together students from Haileybury's very diverse student population which, with the introduction of Haileybury City, really does come from all corners of Melbourne. It has been deliberately set up so that the challenges that students face in terms of travel, planning, logistics and interaction with a broad range of staff and students will assist them in being ready for life after School.

The three-year VCE

Haileybury has a three-year VCE program, which keeps students engaged and allows them to choose studies and academic levels to match their abilities, needs and interests.

Studies can be spread more evenly, making workloads manageable.  A diverse co-curricular program including sport, arts, community and cultural activities, enables them to explore and extend interests, and to develop talents that complement their academic studies.

The Senior School operates at Keysborough, Berwick and Brighton.  Students at Berwick and Brighton have the benefit of a small school environment while enjoying the benefits of being part of the larger school at Keysborough. 

VCE studies at Haileybury are offered at four levels: Year 10 (pre-VCE level), VCE Units 1&2, VCE Units 3&4 and Enhancement Studies (approved first-year university subjects).  Students select a program according to their individual needs, talents and interests, and are given help to ensure their studies match their academic readiness.

  • Year 10 students undertake six major subjects of which two would usually be at VCE Units 1&2 level.
  • Year 11 students normally take six studies and have three pathways through to the VCE.  Most students will complete one VCE Units 3&4 study (a Year 12 level course) in Year 11.  Some very able students will complete two VCE Units 3&4 studies in Year 11.
  • Final year students take either four or five VCE Unit 3&4 studies; including an English study.  Some enhancement (university level) studies are available for advanced students.

Special Features

Two Schools

Parallel education continues at Senior School, where it is normal for boys and girls to spend more time socialising together while mostly learning in single-gender classes.  The exact arrangements will be determined on a study-by-study basis that reflects the nature of the study and which optimises learning outcomes.  Teaching staff will teach in both Schools.

Early Commencement

A unique arrangement, whereby academic years start early in Term 4, ensures maximum time for completion of each year's program.  This is especially important for Year 12 where traditionally students need to cope with a large program in a shortened academic year.

Breadth of Studies and Vocational Education and Training

The curriculum offered at Haileybury's Senior Schools is rich and diverse and offers a great breadth of VCE studies.  Haileybury also offers a wide range of vocational educational (VET) subjects.  This part of the curriculum has a strong industry focus and offers a range of interesting studies in Hospitality, Hospitality (Kitchen Operations), Media, Integrated Technologies and Music Digital Production.  All vocational subjects count towards an ATAR.

Transition Program

We also help prepare students for tertiary studies.  As part of a comprehensive Transition program, students meet with undergraduates and university staff and become university students for a day.

Expert Teaching and Monitoring

Teaching and learning styles in the Senior Schools promote self-management and self-discipline.  They also improve individual learning styles and encourage students to become resilient independent learners.