The Haileybury Program



Every stage of learning is equally important at Haileybury from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School. Learning embraces both explicit instruction and student-centred approaches; responds to the different learning styles of students and to their learning requirements reflecting their gender, age, interests and potential. The individual needs of students are paramount to effective learning. The curriculum uses the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) as its framework but provides extension and supplementary programs at all levels.

There is an emphasis on how teaching relates to the child, with the explicit instruction approach to Literacy and Numeracy in the Junior School, supplemented with a thinking and problem solving pedagogy; a specific approach to learning needs in the Middle School, emphasising deeper understanding and higher level learning outcomes; and unique programs for the Pre-Senior and Senior School. These are all directed at creating the resilient, independent learner.


Information and Communications Technology skills are developed progressively from the Early Learning Centre to Year 10. Computer access is via multiple laboratories at all teaching sites, computers in the classrooms and mini-labs, and by home computers connected to the School's Intranet through go2.  All students in Years 5 to 12 are required to have an iPad as part of the School's iPad program.  The introduction of iPads was designed to provide students with the latest technology to enhance their learning engagement and academic outcomes.

Sport and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education are part of the curriculum from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

The breadth of sports offered is very wide, with 30 sports ranging from football, cricket and athletics to aerobics, touch and martial arts for boys and netball, softball and athletics to aerobics, touch and rowing for girls. Inter-school sport with other Associated Public Schools is played from Years 5 to 12 for boys and with the combined Associated Public Schools and Associated Grammar Schools for girls.

All students participate in Intra-school House sport and Inter-school sport. Training and coaching are provided. A Learn to Swim program is also provided.

The Outdoor Experience Program includes a Camping program, beginning with a two-night camp in Year 3 through to 10-day expeditions in national parks in Year 9. The Adventure Club provides additional opportunities in hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, surfing and other activities through to Year 12. There is also a Health and Fitness program.


Haileybury provides a safe and supportive learning environment and a Pastoral Care program appropriate for each stage of schooling. Each student is under the guidance of a homeroom teacher (Junior and Middle Schools), a tutor (Pre-Senior) or a tutor and Head of House (Senior School); and is supported by psychologists, chaplains, and other expert staff. There is also a Health and Well-Being program from Preparatory to Pre-Senior and a Personal Development program at Senior School.


Leadership development is part of the program for all students, and leadership training is provided for those who take advantage of the vast opportunities for leadership provided at Haileybury.  Leadership opportunities are available at all levels of schooling and all students are encouraged to participate. 

In the senior years, Haileybury has a vast number of leadership roles in which students can apply, whether it be captains of sports, clubs or houses, the Student Representative Council (SRC) or School Captain in Year 12.

Extensive Co-curriculum Activities

Students from Year 5 are involved in debating, public speaking, chess and competitions such as Tournament of Minds, Future Problem Solving and the Human Powered Vehicle. There are specific academic extension activities, which are enhanced by a special Classics program and various academic clubs.

In the Arts, the opportunities for students extend beyond the curriculum and include dramatic and musical productions, concerts and the visual arts. Participation in the Pipes and Drums involves students in both competition and concert performance. Programs with a community focus include Amnesty International, a student newspaper and magazine, archives and social service activities. There is also strong involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program.

Social Education

Haileybury provides a program to develop the social competencies of its students at each stage of learning. Of particular importance are gender-related social competencies, which are developed within the context of Parallel Education.  Whilst students benefit from learning in single gender classrooms from the middle to senior years, common areas of the School are designed to promote a social atmosphere between the two genders.

Social Justice

Social justice is a cornerstone of the Haileybury Program.  For students it creates awareness of their community, as well as their own self-worth.  We all benefit from living in a just society – one that supports the law and human rights, where each individual is valued as an equal member of that society. Students support over 40 charities through fundraising and a commitment of time and effort.

Cultural Program

Drama and Dance

Haileybury is acclaimed for the quality of its dramatic performances. Drama is part of the curriculum from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12. Dance is a component of the Drama program and dance studies are available.

The co-curricular component is largely based around productions such as plays, musicals, variety shows and dance productions, and co-productions with other schools. Music and drama productions commence in Middle School.


The Instrumental Program lies at the heart of music at Haileybury. Individual and group tuition is offered in all the orchestral instruments, piano, pipe organ, voice and guitar. Each campus boasts an orchestra and concert band, and a range of choirs and smaller ensembles.

In Year 2, students are divided into small groups to learn violin, viola, cello or double bass.  Once they reach Senior School, students may include music as part of their VCE Program and broaden their experience through a number of performances and concerts.

Visual Arts

The study of visual arts is an integral part of Haileybury's complete education.

Students learn to foster critical skills and an understanding of aesthetics. They also develop an appreciation of the nature of visual thinking, cultural change and the importance of art and design in a multicultural society. The interface of art and technology is a key aspect of the School's program.

The varied and rich program include co-curricular activities such as annual exhibitions, artists in residence, camps and tours, life drawing and a multimedia club.