The Impact of Your Giving…

Since its inception, Haileybury Foundation has nurtured a number of deserving young scholarship beneficiaries who have gone on to study, build their future and contribute to the community.

Discover what some of our previous scholarship recipients are doing now…

Rob Fildes (OH’58) Scholarship

Kayla Salmon (OH 2020)

Kayla was a Blazer Squad member of Haileybury Girls Basketball team and has an exciting time ahead of her, having accepted a scholarship to attend Idaho State University in the US, playing Basketball and studying Psychology.

This is something Kayla has worked hard for and dreamed of for very a long time, and believes she would not be there had it not been for the incredible generosity of her benefactor, Mr Rob Fildes AM (OH’58).

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield Scholarship

Tyrone Foster (OH 2020)

Having studied English, Maths Methods and Business Management in his final year, Tyrone is going on to study Business, Banking and Finance at Monash University. We look forward to connecting in with Tyrone as his University study continues.

William Buckland Foundation Scholarship

Alli Charles (OH 2020)

Alli was a valued member of the Berwick cohort and is now excited about her plans for the future, having graduated from Haileybury where she was the beneficiary of a William Buckland Foundation Indigenous Student Scholarship. This year Alli will commence a double degree in Information Technology and Arts at Monash University.

Haileybury Foundation Scholarship

Haftu Strintzos (OH 2018)

Haftu graduated from Haileybury and travelled directly to the US to take up a sports scholarship at Villanova University, Pennsylvania. Haftu is studying Engineering at Villanova.

As an elite student-athlete, Haftu has been loving his Villanova experience and is a valued member of the Villanova track and field team, participating at major inter-uni events across the US.

"I know for sure that I wouldn’t be in the position I am now if I hadn’t come to Haileybury."

Savaluscu/Aikman Scholarship

Jodi Finegan (OH 2016)

Jodi is currently in her third year of an Arts degree at Melbourne Uni double majoring in Media and Communications/Spanish and Latin American Studies

Jodi is currently the President of the Melbourne Arts Students Society, working with a committee of 15 other students and with the support of the Faculty of Arts and the Office of the Dean.

Savaluscu/Aikman Scholarship

Ujjwal Chaudhry (OH 2015)

Ujjwal went on to study at Melbourne University, graduating in 2019. He has undertaken internships at Siemens and Ernst & Young and will commence a full time role at EY in 2021.

In the meantime, he has been working on a social justice podcast program centring on mental health with two Uni associates which is due to launch soon.

"Haileybury prepared me for my journey in University particularly through the values of having a global outlook and the importance of social justice. Beyond university, I’m passionate about mental health and creating positive impact which stems right back to Haileybury, where we were taught the importance of mental wellbeing and creating a community of care."

Haileybury Foundation Scholarship

Rija Khanal (OH 2008)

Rija studied medicine and is currently a paediatric trainee at Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. We are proud to share that alongside the global paediatric community, Rija is applying her formidable knowledge and support to address the COVID-19 crisis in our community.

"Academic excellence was a direct result of my scholarship… which put me in really good stead for going to University."

2021 will see a number of our young students graduate… we look forward to following their progress as they leave our gates empowered as 21st Century citizens.

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