Class Giving Campaign

Haileybury Foundation's Year Group Giving program commenced in 2019, resulting in the first Class Giving Scholarships commencing in 2020.

The Year Group Giving program is made possible by the generosity of former class mates joining together to fund an annual scholarship.  Participation in the program gives alumni members a greater sense of connection and an opportunity to celebrate their years at Haileybury in a meaningful way.

Ultimately, “paying it forward” creates an opportunity for a young student who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to attend Haileybury, to experience the incredible academic and non-academic possibilities as the Year Group once did.

Representatives of the Year Group class have the opportunity to be involved in selecting the scholarship category or interviewing short-listed scholarship candidates along with members of the Haileybury Foundation Team.

Currently we have 3 Class Giving Scholarships (Class of 1984, Class of 1988, Class of 2007 / Melbourne Foundation) with many other Year Groups currently in discussion with their peers about starting their own Class Giving Scholarship. We hope to have many more Year Groups donating Scholarships for commencement in 2022. Watch this space!

Andrew Bonwick (OH 1988)

Having been involved in the process I can confirm that we have made a massive difference to a young lady who has significant challenges in her life.

Nick and I both asked Hannah for a commitment that she would make the most of every opportunity that was made available to her by the school.

In return we committed to her that our year group would take a keen interest in her schooling and support her wherever possible.

Hannah Chard, pictured with representatives of the Class of 1988 with scholarship beneficiary.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to give a student a transformative Haileybury opportunity… to shape their future, and that of their generation?

If you would like to be part of this unique opportunity to provide a life-changing education for a deserving student, please contact Haileybury Foundation to discuss further.

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