Exceptional Teachers

Haileybury's own Briony Hutchison has been recognised by The Age newspaper so one of Victoria's exceptional teachers in a recent article.

As Head of Sociology Briony is dedicated to her students, with many of them achieving Study Scores of 40 plus.

Like other Haileybury teachers, Briony's dedication extends beyond the classroom setting, making herself available to her students; "There will be times when I get up at 5 in the morning (to email) … or at 10 at night. And not just me, it's the whole team. There is constant communication with the students outside of hours."

Teacher quality is paramount to Haileybury; to be the best you must attract the best.  The School has an annual Professional Recognition Program, regular classroom visits and appraisals for all teachers, a strong teacher coaching model and performance-based pay bonuses.

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