Kokoda Trek

During the term break, nine Senior School Students accompanied by Ms Tamsin Visick and Mr Justin Main went on an historic, courageous and challenging expedition in Papua New Guinea.

The Kokoda Trail, incorporating 5 days of community service, saw students be trialed and tested emotionally and physically.

The students learnt about the cultural wartime significance of one of Australia's battles as they gained cultural exposure to the way of life of the Papua New Guinean people.

Students become very close to their porters, and upon return the group visited Buna, a town on the South East Coast of Papua New Guinea, where they had the opportunity to meet their porters village folk and families.

With a strong passion for social justice the students undertook community service activities. These included teaching geography and sport, painting classrooms and building a library for the village.

For 17 days the students had no access to technology and were completely immersed socially and culturally in a strenuous journey they will never forget.