Monash Honour

Haileybury's Head of Newlands, Jane Gibbs has received the Dean's Award for Academic Achievement from Monash University for her Master of Education degree.  Her thesis titled What's 'write' for boys?: a case study examining factors that motivate Year Seven boys to write in the classroom placed her in the top 20 graduates from a postgraduate degree in 2014.

Jane's thesis examined factors that motivate Year 7 boys to write in the classroom. It identified four key factors which can influence boys' engagement in writing: the central importance of teacher/student relationships; enjoyment; an explicit teaching pedagogy; and a desire for good results.

Haileybury not only promotes a lifetime love of learning to its students but also to its teachers.  Further education is a valuable tool for any teacher as it compels them to look beyond their own classroom. 

Jane commenced her Master of Education degree at Monash University in 2010, graduating in 2014 with First Class Honours. 

In 2011, Jane was also invited to join the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society for being in top 15% of the faculty based on her previous 12-months of study.

Jane receiving her award on Tuesday evening

Jane on stage with fellow award recipients