World Challenge

During the mid-year break, 14 Senior School students travelled to Nepal through World Challenge, as part of Haileybury’s International Outlook and Social Justice programs.  Over four weeks, the students worked within a variety of settings to achieve personal and social challenges, and broaden their understanding and appreciation of their personal strengths as well as the challenges faced in the under-developed world. 

After an eight-hour bus trip from Kathmandu to Pokhara, students spent five days working and living at The Nagajuna School, a primary boarding school located in the rice paddies on the outskirts of the city.  Haileybury students ran classes and social and sporting activities, as well as helping in the ongoing construction of the school itself, a project that has been supported by Jackson House for a number of years.

Without any rest, the students then tackled the 4130m climb to the Annapurna Base Camp as part of a 12-day trek over 90kms.  Living in tents, sharing responsibilities for budget, food and logistics, and tackling the ‘Nepali Flat’ terrain all provided ongoing challenges throughout this phase of the tour.  A further four hours of bus travel to Chitwan National Park saw the commencement of the R&R phase in Week 4.  A final few days in Kathmandu wrapped up a trip that many students saw as personally challenging and immensely rewarding.  The team returned to Melbourne just in time for the commencement of Term 3, no doubt still absorbing the impact of such an amazing trip.