Haileybury Institute

Haileybury Institute believes in developing the next generation of educators and supporting those already in the field with new ways of thinking and new opportunities for learning. All Professional Development delivered is based on knowledge that has been built over time, critically reflected on, and proven successful in education delivery and compliance outcomes.

Value Statement of Haileybury Institute Early Years:

Haileybury InstituteAs early childhood advocates, we respect and believe in the ECA Code of Ethics 2016 and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as living documents that uphold a positive and joyful childhood as essential to all children. These foundational documents, along with a strong platform of Early Childhood theorists and practice wisdom reflect what Haileybury Early Learning is. We view learning as a developmental process and subscribe to the belief that knowledge, skill and ability are scaffolded and underpinned by engagement with a stimulating environment, interaction with others, self-discovery and intentional teaching opportunities. We make a commitment to engage with current practice and emerging theoretical approaches, through continual reflection, personal learning and review of the high-quality education and care service we provide.