Middle School

Years 5–8

Guiding Growth Towards Individuality

Our Middle School Program caters for the changing needs of students in these formative years, while easing the transition from primary to secondary school. It covers every delicate and crucial developmental stage while promoting learning, personal growth and self-confidence.

Separate Middle Schools operate for boys and girls at each campus, creating a structure that meets the individual needs of pre-adolescent and adolescent girls and boys. It provides an environment where intellectual risk-taking can occur and optimal academic outcomes can be achieved.

The Middle Schools interact when appropriate through our carefully developed Social Education Program that includes a co-curricular Arts Program, community and academic extension activities.

Entry at Year 7

Middle Years – What do we mean?

Middle Years is a term describing a phase of schooling that bridges the conventional primary secondary divide with a view to responding more effectively to the specific needs of young adolescents.

Haileybury operates Middle School for Years 5 to 8. This is not only a period of rapid physical, emotional and intellectual development, but also a time when patterns of thinking and behaviour are established for both the short and long-term. In addition, various personal, social, economic and gender factors often combine to create needs and demands that are unique to this age group.

At Haileybury, we want to generate creative learning environments that will result in productive learning outcomes for all students in the middle years of schooling.

Parallel Education

Haileybury accepts the research that shows single-gender classroom structures provide optimal learning arrangements for pre-adolescent and adolescent students. Hence, while running co-instructional classes for students in Early Learning Centre and in Preparatory to Year 4, there are separate Middle Schools for boys and girls.

The Middle Schools provide separate classes for boys and girls in the mainstream Academic programs. The Sports program and the Camping program are also gender specific. Haileybury’s philosophy of parallel education is built on research relating to the development of social competencies required for the modern world, including those competencies relating to gender. Consequently, our program ensures significant and appropriate interaction between boys in the Boys Middle School and girls in the Girls Middle School at each campus.


Throughout the year, Middle School students continue to develop their skills and knowledge in the subject areas of English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Health and Physical Education and Thrive. As Haileybury is committed to a Global Outlook, all students have the opportunity to study a language as part of their core academic program up until the end of Year 9. Students in Years 5 & 6 study Chinese, while Students in Years 7 & 8 can select from Chinese, French or Japanese (not offered at the City Campus). Depending on Year 7 Coursework results, some students are invited to learn an additional language in Year 8 in place of an elective subject. Select student who are successful in the Language Aptitude Test, may elect to study Latin as their additional language.

Students in Years 5-7 complete a semester of study in the subject areas of Art, Computing and Digital Technologies, Drama and Music. After experiencing units of study from the four subject areas, students in Year 8 select four semester-based subjects that delve deeper into their areas of passion. The School is committed to being entrepreneurial and enterprising and as such, every student in Year 8 will complete Haileybury Startup; a course designed to develop work-ready skills such as teamwork, digital literacy, critical thinking and presentation through the use of design thinking, business model canvas and ideas from the Lean Start Up movement.

Technology is increasingly becoming a key enabler and driver of education. As such, the Middle School curriculum is supported by a Managed Device Program. In 2020 all Year 5 students and new students to the school will utilise the managed device, while all other Middle School students will transition from the iPad Program to the new Managed Device Program by 2023. Student growth is measured and reported on throughout the year via the reporting system, myFeedback. Through this system, students receive real time feedback that improves their learning at the point of need, with the ability to review feedback and marks on any device at any time.