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Presentations and Selections

Student leadership is an important part of the Haileybury program and the process in selecting School Captains, Vice Captains, Sport Vice Captains and House Captains is an in-depth process.

Student leaders at Haileybury are given a great opportunity to build their leadership, communication and advocacy skills, and to develop their ability to work within a team, foster confidence, serve others and form relationships with their peers.

The Head of Year 12 and Student Leadership selection process began this week with students preparing a three-minute video speech, participating in a formal panel interview, preparing a written application and undergoing an election process. We will announce the Haileybury student leaders next month.

Junior School Gardening Project

I had the pleasure of joining our primary school students for their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) garden project last week. Under the direction of Barbara Zhu and with the help of our school gardeners, the students have designed and built a food garden to grow vegetables for the summer. The project is now in its third year and is an important part of our STEM curriculum.

UK University Pathways and University Workshop

Haileybury’s Deputy Principal (Education Research and International) Dr Stephan Muller held an online workshop for Senior School students that focused on the critical skills needed in applying to UK universities. Dr Muller discussed the types of references that students will need, how to prepare for interviews and he outlined how to write a good personal letter. Dr Muller will follow up this online workshop with individual sessions to help students with their applications over the next few months.

Mother's Day

Haileybury students were unable to enjoy their usual Mother's Day activities due to the pandemic restrictions, however, this did not stop them from showing the immense love and appreciation they feel for their mothers. This year, students and staff shared creative ideas and brainstormed different activities to carry out on Mother's Day, such as video messages, arts and crafts and sharing stories.

Activity and Sports Day

During the past few weekends, all sub-schools have organised activity and sports days to help students relax while they have been under closed management and unable to go home because of COVID restrictions. Students have been performing songs and dancing, taking part in science experiments, playing basketball and table tennis and watching the latest movies on the big screen.

Yanni Galanis 

International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin