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The Power of Sharing Stories

Storytelling is often considered a lost art. In a world dominated by print and electronic media, sharing a family story, a magical moment, or a challenge we overcame when we were young helps our children learn about us and the world.

On International Women’s Day, staff and student leaders were asked to talk about the women in their life who inspired them and why. It was so powerful to see our Middle School students’ faces as our amazing staff and student leaders shared their stories.

The power of the narrative to engage students is not lost at Haileybury City and I was delighted to see all our students join with their peers in deepening their understanding on this special day.

Lighting up Our Learning

We are achieving our goal in 2022 through intentional teaching and planned experiences. To be outward looking and future focused requires us to light up our thinking, open our lens and be curious, and take action to make a difference in our School, community and world. This newsletter is full of some of the wonderful opportunities our students experience as they hear, see, learn, question, ponder and are challenged to think beyond our gates.

Insight Trivia Question # 1

We love rewarding reading at City. If you have read this, your child can enter the Insight Trivia Challenge and one winner in each School will go into a draw for a prize. Students can submit their entry in the boxes in the ELC, JS, GMS or BMS by the end of next week.

The questions are:

ELC: Where will the Pre-Prep children meet Ranger Jim?

JS: What is the name of the teacher who presented at the Prep Numeracy session?

MS: What is the name of the city that our guest presenter’s parents fled from after the Nazi invasion?

Early Learning Centre

Road Safety in Reception

Reception children have started our engaging Road Safety Program ready for our Out and About Program later next term. The Level 1 running track has been transformed into a busy road with trikes zooming around. This supports gross motor development while also teaching the importance of road safety. Using traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, checking for cars and making eye contact with drivers are all aspects of road safety that we are introducing to Reception children.

We look forward to welcoming families to our ‘out and about’ trips later in the year as children practice their road safety knowledge and skills.

All Creatures Great and Small

After a much-anticipated wait, the Pre-Prep children were delighted when our beautiful butterfly emerged from its chrysalis. Following many discussions, observations and drawings, it was wonderful for children to see the life cycle process of these majestic creatures in action.

As we continue our investigations into creatures, great and small, we are excited to be visiting Flagstaff Gardens on Thursday, 31 March to meet with Ranger Jim, our local Melbourne City Council ranger. He will introduce children to the mammals that live in our urban setting and explain how to find them. We invite families to come along to this session.

Junior School

How Can a Deck of Cards Help our Youngest Mathematicians?

Our Prep parents were ‘wowed’ as they saw Prep students learning numeracy during Week Seven, and they also listened to some insights from our Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning, Ms Lizzy Gibney. From how the language used at home can support a growth mindset in mathematics to understanding Friends of Ten, our parents took plenty away from the session.

Afterwards, Prep parents immersed themselves in a classroom experience on Level 3. Our students were thrilled to demonstrate their ability to use multi-base arithmetic blocks or MAB to represent two-digit numbers, and parents worked with their children during the You Do part of the lesson. It was fantastic to see our parents and students engaged in the session and they particularly enjoyed learning new card games that boost mathematical understanding too.

Becoming Brilliant Writers

Our Junior School students have all been working towards becoming brilliant writers this term. In Year 3, our students have been writing persuasive and narrative texts. In their persuasive writing, they are focusing on finding ways to connect and link their ideas to communities beyond Haileybury. This aligns with our 2022 goal for our students to be ‘outward looking and future focused’.

Some of their writing is shared here:

‘Moreover, Mr Scott must definitely believe that Haileybury should not provide free lunch orders because trees are being chopped down every day for the paper bags. This is essential because it maximises the chance of even worse global warming. It is appalling to think that gardens will be a barren wasteland in the future.’ Florian Inkmann

‘Moreover, Mr Green must unquestionably support that students shouldn’t be provided with a free lunch order because the lunch order bags come from nature. This is fundamental because when you knock down or cut down trees, it hurts nature and could affect the air around us. It is appalling to think that our future generations will have horrible air.’ Will Weir

Middle School

Courage to Care

On Thursday, 3 March, the Year 8 students welcomed Courage to Care for an incursion as part of their English study of The Tattooist of Auschwitz. George, a Holocaust survivor, spoke to the students about his experience. His parents were forced to abandon their lives in Vienna following the Nazi occupation and George was born in France during WWII. He spent his early years in hiding. He told students that his life in Australia was due to a series of courageous upstanders who risked their own lives to help his family.

Students also learned about other upstanders throughout history, including Oskar Schindler and William Cooper, and they discussed how they could be upstanders in their own lives.

“We were gifted the opportunity to take part in an unforgettable experience to understand the first-hand impacts of the Holocaust. The session was educational and interactive, giving everyone an opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions”
Sean Cunningham (Boys Middle School Captain)

International Women’s Day Creates a Buzz

The Middle School was abuzz on Tuesday, 8 March, as we celebrated International Women’s Day. This was an opportunity to celebrate the women around us and to honour the achievements of women who have come before.

Purple ribbons were sold to Junior and Middle School students to raise money for Melbourne City Mission. In total, $374.20 was raised and will go directly to women in need.

Middle School students were involved in a series of workshops run by inspirational women that showcased magic, dance, art, sport, comedy and improv. Students heard personal stories of motivational women from Middle School staff and reflected on the women in their own lives who motivate and inspire them.

The day was also an opportunity to reflect on the work that is still required to achieve gender equality and students ended the workshop sessions with a special purple cupcake to commemorate the day. Thank you to all staff and external presenters for making the day such a special one for our Middle School students.

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”
Serena Williams

Caroline Merrick

Head of City

Haileybury Parents & Friends City (HPF City)

Celebrating with our Annual HPF City

Rooftop drinks are back! Held atop the beautiful City Campus, 170 parents, guardians and friends were able to engage and reconnect for the first evening event of 2022.

We were honoured to have CEO | Principal, Derek Scott, Vice Principal Community Engagement and Advancement, Scott Doran, and Diane Furusho, Deputy Principal Respectful Relationships and Consent, in attendance.

Derek gave words of encouragement, wisdom and positivity for our students and community and highlighted the value of a great education. However, the speech that stole our hearts was that of our Year 10 student, Faith Mapalo Kauseni, who shared her personal journey of being able to attend Haileybury thanks to the Haileybury Foundation Staff Giving Scholarship. Faith reminds us of the extraordinary opportunity that Haileybury provides our children and the lifelong changes this makes.

HPF City has a long-term fundraising goal to provide a scholarship to support a student like Faith. We appreciate this may take time but, with our community’s support, we feel this is an admirable aim. If you would like further information, please get in touch.

Our next event is the Cocktail Party on Thursday, 26 May. Pop the date in your diaries and join the fun. Details will be available on the myHaileybury app soon.

For the remainder of this term, individual year levels may hold their own social functions. Please get in touch with your year level Social Rep to find out what’s happening.

We also look forward to our end of term raffle and Easter Egg Guessing Competition, which provides great excitement for the littlest to biggest Haileyburians—especially those with a sweet tooth! This term, all proceeds raised will benefit the Royal Children’s Hospital.

If you would like to be in touch, please reach out to us at We welcome your feedback and contributions.

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead!

Nina Brooks and Nadine Bissland

Co-Presidents, HPF City