Campus News

On Friday, 11 March, we began exploring the rich continuous reporting data now available on SEQTA to keep families informed and up-to-date on their child’s learning journey at HRS.

In the lead up to the first round of Parent Teacher Discussions on Tuesday, 15 March, and Wednesday, 16 March, we distributed Learning Behaviour Rubrics for each subject and year level across the School. Teachers have also begun reporting on assessment tasks in each subject.

This information is for students and parents and we encourage them to discuss the feedback received together. Research and our own experiences tell us that the best educational outcomes are achieved when parents, teachers and students regularly talk constructively about learning. Our Continuous Reporting data on SEQTA will provide the impetus for some positive conversations.

When students have achieved a rubric with coloured boxes down the left-hand side, indicating higher scores, they deserve to be congratulated. We know that great results are achieved when students consistently have the right attitude, are supported by quality teaching, and work hard.

Students should come to class ready to learn and join in the learning experience with enthusiasm. Our Learning Behaviour data will show where these expectations are being met and where there is room for improvement.

Formative assessment like this deliberately occurs during learning. We don’t intend on waiting until it is too late to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve. We want learners in our School to be proactive, interested in feedback and willing to look for better ways of achieving their goals.

Andrew McGregor

Principal, Haileybury Rendall School