Campus News

Connections with Melbourne

I thought it would be timely to highlight our ongoing relationships and connections with Haileybury Melbourne.

Our intention has always been to offer trips for students between Melbourne and Darwin. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has scuppered most of these plans. The only trip we managed was at the start of 2020 when our Year 12 leaders visited Melbourne. We still plan to offer suitable two-way experiences when isolation rules allow these trips to become a reality.

However, staff are able to travel for short study tours between Darwin and Melbourne. In Term 1, Ms Rachelle Cox, Director of Vocational Learning, Ms Maddie McAllister, Deputy Head of Junior School, Ms Michelle Shaw, Head of ELC and Ms Arnie Reyes from ELC, visited Melbourne.

These trips are invaluable for our staff to see Haileybury Melbourne in action and to share teaching and learning ideas as we follow very similar curricula at every year level. Of course, this is one of the reasons why we run the VCE in our Senior School.

In Term 1, several Melbourne staff have also visited us including CEO | Principal, Mr Derek Scott. We have had Ms Jordan Exner, Senior Chemistry, and Mr Aidan Ryan, Learning Data and Analytics, visit and collaborate with our staff.

Staff who will soon visit include four staff from the Humanities Department and past HRS leaders, Mr Craig and Mrs Kerry Glass. Staff from IT, Art, Digital Learning, Marketing and Junior School are also visiting HRS later this term. We aim to make the most of each of these carefully planned opportunities.

Andrew McGregor

Principal, Haileybury Rendall School