Campus News

We look forward to welcoming students and families back to Haileybury Rendall School for Term 2.

Northern Territory Schools will now move into a new COVID-safe phase that can adjust to the pandemic as necessary. However, there is a spike of COVID cases in Darwin at the moment and many of our guidelines from Term 1 will have to remain in place. We thank all parents for their understanding and support of our COVID-safe protocols and we will continue to work to the safest and most sensible standards.

The School takes NAPLAN testing very seriously and was proud to be recognised as the best Junior School in the Northern Territory in terms of NAPLAN results in 2021. NAPLAN is standardised national testing in areas relating to literacy and numeracy and occurs for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students each year. This year the testing will occur in Term 2, Week 3.

Semester examinations will occur in core subjects from Years 7 – 11 in Term 2, Week 5. This is an important form of assessment and students will be given revision and support in the weeks leading up to the examinations.

Outdoor Education Year Level camps will run in Terms 2 and 3. In Term 2 we have Year 6 (Week 5), Year 5 (Weeks 6 & 7) and Year 8 (Weeks 8 & 9).

National Reconciliation Week activities will run across the whole School from 27 May through to 3 June. The theme this year is “Be Brave, Make Change”.

Year 10 Work experience will occur during Term 2, Week 6.

The School Musical, Beauty and the Beast, will be performed at the Darwin Entertainment Centre on 16 June & 17 June.

It is pleasing that all parents and students are now regularly tracking the detailed continuous reporting information that is being displayed by all our teaching staff across SEQTA. Our staff have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to consistently prepare and display this feedback and this formative data helps all students to improve their learning as the year unfolds. This new reporting methodology is in line with the way the best Schools in Australia report to students and parents. It also means that the end of semester reports will now simply consist of a one-page summary of student achievement to complement our overall reporting strategy.

Andrew McGregor

Principal, Haileybury Rendall School