Haileybury Foundation Impact Report

We are proud to share the impact of each of our donors in the latest annual Impact Report for 2021.

The Impact Report includes and highlights:

  • A note of thanks from Haileybury Foundation Chairman, Neil Sutcliffe
  • The significant differences that donors are making through our scholarship, building and library funds
  • Stories from past scholarship recipients
  • An update on key figures, showing the satisfying growth of the Foundation over the past 12 years
  • An update on our Giving Day to be held on Thursday, 11 August
  • A list of all Patrons, Fellows, Benefactors, Winged Heart Society and 1892 Circle members, and
  • A list of all donors who have contributed to Haileybury Foundation throughout the year.

Haileybury Foundation Giving Day

The Haileybury Foundation Giving Day will be held on Thursday, 11 August. The campaign will be conducted over 24 hours from 9.00 am and all gifts within the 24-hour window will be doubled. All donations, large or small, will have a significant impact.

For more information on how you can assist, please contact:

Russell Davidson, Director of Development & Alumni Relations at

Social Media

The Haileybury Foundation is now on socials. To keep updated on our activities, please follow us at:


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