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Welcome to Term 3

I extend a warm welcome to the Newlands community as we return to another exciting term. I trust you enjoyed the break with your family.

Classes commenced on Tuesday, 19 July and full winter uniform is to be worn this term. Work on the Gadsden Pavilion has commenced on Fisher Oval, so please take care entering and exiting the school grounds and when parking your vehicle.

New Child Safe Standards

From Friday, 1 July, Ministerial Order 1359 introduced changes to strengthen the existing Child Safe Standards. The new standards set minimum requirements and outline the actions that organisations must take to keep children and young people safe.

Executive staff undertook training during the term break and Newlands staff completed compulsory training and attend a workshop conducted by Diane Furusho, Deputy Principal (Student Wellbeing, Respectful Relationships & Consent) to ensure everyone is updated on the changes.

Early Learning Centre

Chinese Opera

Angela Jiang (Thomas Li-PPK) was invited to sing to the ELC students as part of Language Week. Angela is a Chinese opera singer and the first piece she performed was part of a modern Chinese Opera story set during WWII called Sha Jia Bang.

The second song was a traditional Chinese song called Lu Hua, which is a flower.

The children and staff very much appreciated Angela performing her beautiful songs during this special event.

We were also excited to welcome Haileybury LOTE teachers, Maud Fugier-Sola, Ting Hu and Lauren Wainwright, who presented stories and songs to the children in French, Chinese and Japanese.

We are fortunate to have multilinguistic parents and educators across the ELC who supported the children’s learning during Language Week with songs, stories and dances.

Respecting NAIDOC Week

NAIDOC Week from Sunday, 3 July, to Sunday, 10 July, celebrates the achievements and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee and NAIDOC WEEK is a special time.

This year’s theme was Get up! Stand up! Show up!

ELC children continue to enjoy learning about First Nations people and culture through stories, activities and discussions. A beautiful display of rock art work depicting children’s interpretation of living on country has been added to the rock art mural display at the entrance to the ELC.

Early Learning Matters Week

During Early Learning Matters Week from Monday, 25 to Friday, 29 July, the early childhood sector highlights the importance of early learning for children’s development and wellbeing.

This is a week to acknowledge the work of the ELC educators and the children are creating an art display dedicated to their educators. Parents and children are encouraged to write letters of support and acknowledgement as part of this display.

Junior School

House Singing Competition

The last week of Term 2 was Newlands Arts Week and as part of this, Junior School held its annual House singing competition. This was an interactive event where Houses sang their hearts out to compete for the coveted winner’s title.

The competition had a cultural feel with some songs sung in Japanese, African, Korean, Maori and French. Each House performed enthusiastically and with confidence.

The adjudicators, Jane Gibbs and Bronwyn Harrop, were very impressed and Cox House were announced the winners. Congratulations, Cox!

Where Did 100 Days Go?

On Wednesday, 27 July, the Newlands Prep students will celebrate their 100th day in the Junior School. Throughout the day, they will create and participate in activities that revolve around the number 100.

First, they will make their 100-day glasses to wear and students will then have a chance to get creative and make a painting using 100 colourful dots. For maths, children will be asked to bring in 100 items from home and to sort these items into 10 equal groups.

We look forward to celebrating this wonderful milestone with the students.

Middle School

Cuisine to Karaoke

Newlands celebrated Languages Week in style with a multitude of activities including sampling famous cuisines to cultural immersion in Japanese, Chinese and French.

Some highlights were a French immersion class presented by The French Loop, playing traditional French games and showcasing singing and language talents in multilingual karaoke. The activities were organised by the Middle and Senior School Languages department.

Japanese drumming and Chinese lion dancing were also part of the week and students were thrilled by Japanese comedian, Takashi Wakasugi, who thoroughly entertained the audience.

Languages Week Assembly was a huge success and celebrated the diverse languages spoken within our Haileybury community. This ties in with the School’s philosophy on respectful relationships across languages and cultures.

Other highlights were staff Kahoot competitions, a karate demonstration by Year 8 Homeroom and Japanese teacher, Kyoko Tsujimura, and Rachel Yu (Year 8), and the fabulous solo Chinese dance performance by Ella Zhang (Year 6).

Students were also given the opportunity to taste authentic Chinese fried rice and noodles and French croissants, quiche and Orangina.

Fundraiser For Nepal

Year 7.1 hosted a Kahoot fundraiser for a school in Pokhara, Nepal. It was recently devastated by a flood that destroyed most of the school’s resources. The school has a very low literacy rate, so raising money to build a library is vital to improve education opportunities for the students.

The school needed to raise $10,000 to achieve their goal of building a new library. After many days of hard work and careful planning, the class of 7.1 decided to raise money by making a Kahoot with every class in Year 7 donating a gold coin to participate.

Max Crouch (Year 7) sourced prizes for first, second and third place, including Melbourne Stars BBL backpacks and caps.

In total, 7.1 raised $65 for the library in Pokhara and this has been added to the $7,000 raised from other events throughout the week.

Well done, Year 7.1!

The Kahoot winners were:

1. Oliver La Nauze

2. Kendrick Suon

3. Jackson Marr

Taking Care of Wellbeing

This term our Year 7s will be involved in incursions run by the Wellbeing team. Boys Middle School will explore Man Cave and have discussions regarding healthy masculinity, and Girls Middle School will be visited by Enlighten who will work with the students to decode mixed messages and develop self-esteem and confidence.

Our Years 5 and 6 students will have an incursion from Elephant Ed that covers age-appropriate sex education.

We encourage our Years 5 and 6 parents to join the Growth, Development and Embracing Change parent webinar which will be held online on Wednesday, 27 July.

A reminder to our Middle School parents to join the Raising Respectful and Courageous Young People parent webinar which will also be held online on Wednesday, 3 August.

Visit the eSafety Commissioner Website

As an additional resource to the Cyber Safety Project, the eSafety Commissioner has provided excellent resources for parents on how to safely navigate the online world with children.

The eSafety Commissioner website also offers parent webinars and support for families. Join us for a parents and carers webinar on popular apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. You’ll find out more about how to support young people to use technology safely and you’ll get tips on what to do if your child has a negative experience online.

The sessions are free to join and start on Monday, 1 August 2022.

There are many other useful resources for parents and students available through the eSafety Commissioner. Be an eSafe kid helps your child to develop positive online behaviours.

The eSafety Guide provides information about popular apps, games and social media. For example, did you know that some apps offer safety and privacy features, like Messenger Kids, which allows parents to monitor their child’s chat?

Parents can also support their child to report online bullying to the platform where it occurred. If the platform does not take action within 48 hours, you can report cyberbullying and other harmful content to eSafety.

The eSafety Commissioner also points out that technology is always changing, so it’s important to update devices and check privacy settings regularly. Read more about parental controls and using technology safely in the home here.

Jane Gibbs

Head of Newlands (Keysborough)

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