ELCs are 'Out and About'

Haileybury offers numerous learning opportunities that enable ELC children to extend their learning in meaningful ways. ‘Out and About’ opportunities are planned at regular intervals throughout the year.

Castlefield—Royal Botanic Gardens Excursion

Excursions and incursions are an important part of the ELC curriculum. We organise them to complement the children’s interests, extend learning and skills, ignite curiosity and scaffold the educators’ intentional teaching. Our recent Pre-Prep excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens provided an opportunity for the children to explore the rich sensory environment, with a focus on Aboriginal culture, and connect with our community. We look forward to many planned experiences throughout the year.

City—Out and About in Flagstaff Gardens

Haileybury City ELC believes in utilising the many local resources to extend our children’s learning in meaningful ways, and to develop in them an understanding of the community in which they ‘live, learn and play’. Pre-Prep has established its ‘Out and About’ routine on Fridays with visits to Flagstaff Gardens, where it has been focusing on the children’s fitness and exploring mindfulness techniques such as yoga. Recently, the children performed their gratitude song while thinking about the connection that Indigenous people have to the land and how we can continue to look after it.

Reception children are enjoying their first opportunity to visit Flagstaff Gardens. From Term 2 they will visit regularly, after exploring the gardens in small groups to learn key safety procedures. Parents are also welcome to join us on our community program.

Newlands—Connecting with Reading Mentors

As part of the ELC ‘Out and About’ program, children make connections with people and places throughout Keysborough. This year, various guest readers will be invited to visit the centre.

Mrs Joanne Clavarino, Deputy Dean of Studies at Newlands, visits Reception S and Reception A each week, spending time sharing her love of reading with the youngest Haileyburians. Head of Pre-Senior Science Mr Marco Cudizio visited Pre-Prep K to share his favourite story—Aaron Blabey’s Pig the Star—with the children.

Visiting the Vice-Principal

Pre-Prep T recently spent time with Mr Scott Doran in his office discussing his role as Vice-Principal at Haileybury. The visit was documented and is displayed in the ELC foyer.

Children and parents are encouraged to provide their valuable comments and feedback to ELC staff, to be recorded as a component of its pedagogical documentation.