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Jithma Beneragama

Haileybury Councillor
Elected 2024

Haileybury Committees and Subsidiaries: Haileybury International and Haileybury Pangea

General: Mr Beneragama is a global digital executive with over 20 years of experience transforming organisations to take advantage of our changing digital world. Recognised as one of Australia’s Top 50 most innovative CIOs in 2018, 2020 and again in 2021, Mr Beneragama has led teams to consistently deliver industry firsts and award-winning products and services.

Academic: Following Haileybury, Mr Beneragama graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management. Mr Beneragama is also a Williamson Community Leadership Fellow and a Swinburne University Adjunct Industry Fellow.

Career and professional activities: Mr Beneragama has worked across sectors including media, telecommunications, public administration and information technology. The common theme in his career has been using disruptive technology to drive innovation within organizations. He is currently a Strategic Advisor for Amazon Web Services, where he helps organizations explore and navigate disruptive transformation. Prior to this role, he was Executive Director of Digital, Design and Innovation within the Victorian Public Sector, where he helped shape the digital transformation agenda for the Government.

Board experience: Mr Beneragama has board experience across the education, start up, healthcare and public sectors. He is a member of the Swinburne Edge Future of Work Advisory Board, and Code of Australia Advisory Board and a digital advisor for the World Mosquito Project. Mr Beneragama also chairs the Swinburne Edge Public Sector Advisory Board.

Connection to Haileybury: Mr Beneragama is a former student of the School.

Values: Mr Beneragama is known as an innovator who is not afraid to challenge the status quo. He values fairness and equal opportunity and believes everyone has the potential to make a positive impact on society.