Parallel Education


Haileybury pioneered the Parallel Education Model almost 20 years ago based on an enlightened approach to teaching and learning. This approach recognises the unique and changing social, emotional and educational needs of boys and girls.

Growing together in the social setting of a coeducational campus, boys and girls are separated into single-sex classrooms through significant developmental stages of their school journey. This ‘separated coeducation’ structure ensures that each student’s learning experience is aligned with and supportive of his/her personal maturity level.

To ensure world-class schooling, we combine the Parallel Education structure with a strong emphasis on teacher quality and class sizes. Haileybury is consistently ranked among Australia’s top education institutions and was named Australian School of the Year in 2018. This was largely due to outstanding academic and nonacademic achievements nurtured in an environment that combines coeducational and same-sex learning.

Haileybury’s Parallel Education Model really does offer our students the best of both worlds in one school. While learning in separate classes they share the same campus, which allows them to socialise and enjoy co-curricular activities together.

Haileybury Structure

Haileybury College

Established in 1892 as our original school for boys, from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School.

Haileybury Girls College

Our school for girls, from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School. It opened in 2000, and formally became Haileybury Girls College in 2002.

The Best of Both Worlds…

All four Haileybury Melbourne campuses operate under our Parallel Education Model, which offers single-sex classes on the same campus. This model was forged from a deep commitment to create an educational environment in which our students can truly realise their potential within separated coeducation.

How It Works

Early School:  ELC — Year 4

Throughout this crucial and exciting time in your child’s early development, classes are coeducational to establish a pathway for girls and boys to learn, discover and grow in a gender-balanced environment that reflects our society.

Middle School:  Year 5 — Year 8

As young adolescents begin their personal journey towards individuality, boys and girls are separated into single-sex classes that align teaching methods and engagement with gender maturity. This encourages positive role modelling within their own environment, while allowing girls and boys to interact in co-curricular and social programs.

Senior School:  Year 9 — Year 12

The gender-specific class structure continues and ensures that the students’ development from adolescence to young adulthood remains consistent. Boys and girls have separate study and recreation areas, with a range of shared community areas that strengthen social growth and personal character values as they prepare for the first significant chapter of their independent lives.

For further information on Parallel Education please contact the Admissions Office on the following:

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