Parallel Education

Parallel education is an enlightened method of learning and teaching that recognises the diverse educational needs of boys and girls.

Haileybury College

This is our school for boys from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School, which opened in 1892.

Haileybury Girls College

This is our school for girls from the Early Learning Centre to Senior School. Girls were first admitted in 2000 and Haileybury Girls College was formally established in 2002.

The Best of Both Worlds

  • Girls and boys attend the same campuses
  • Learning and activities are arranged to reflect the age and gender of the student and the nature of the activities
  • Early Learning Centres and Junior Schools (Prep to Year 4) are co-instructional
  • Middle Schools (Years 5–8) are separate for boys and girls
  • Years 5–8 boys and girls interact for appropriate activities, Co-curricular and Social Programs (drama, music, social and community activities and functions)
  • Senior School (Years 9–12) are single-gender classes except where co-instructional learning is advantageous
  • Senior School offers separate study and recreational areas for boys and girls, or they may choose to use a range of shared community areas.