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Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)
B Dance (VC), Grad Dip Ed (Mon), M Ed (School L’ship) (Mon)

Head of Castlefield Katrina Manson at Haileybury Private School in Brighton

Mrs Manson was appointed as Head of Castlefield (Brighton) in 2018. Since commencing at Haileybury in 2004, Mrs Manson has held a variety of leadership roles at the School. In her second year at Haileybury she took on the role of Deputy Head of Junior School, and was appointed as Acting Head of Junior School in the final term of that year before becoming Head of Junior School in 2006.

Mrs Manson embraced the role of Senior Deputy Head of Castlefield (Brighton) from 2013 and played key roles in the set-up of the Junior School at Haileybury City and the development of the Junior School program at Haileybury Rendall School Darwin. Prior to joining Haileybury, Mrs Manson held a number of leadership positions with the Education Department and facilitated various professional development sessions for schools in the Southern Region.

Mrs Manson has a passion for the individual needs of students and a belief that every student can learn and succeed.