Social Justice

Social justice in education is a cornerstone of the Haileybury Program. For students it creates awareness of their community, as well as their own self-worth. We all benefit from living in a just society—one that supports the law and human rights, where each individual is valued as an equal member of that society.

In recent years the Haileybury School environment and community has increased its commitment to programs that support social justice outcomes. Students can join a range of campus-specific activities that focus on human rights and equal opportunity.

Each of the School's campuses supports a range of fundraising initiatives for charities. Over 30 charities benefit from the Social Justice Program Program each year.

The Social Justice Education Program has both a local and global outlook, with students supporting local charities such as Montclair House in Glen Waverley or further afield to the Nagajuna School for Orphans in Nepal.

Ensuring that Haileybury students leave the School at the end of their studies not only as better students but also as better members of society is part of the School's commitment to social justice.