Fees & Payments

We understand that a private school education is a large investment for most families and we thank you for considering Haileybury for your child/children. In addition to our scholarships, we also offer the following opportunities to help support our families.

Sibling Discount

We will reduce the tuition fee payable by full-time students attending Haileybury concurrently where there are siblings or step-siblings living predominantly at the same address. The applicable reductions are:

  • 5% of tuition fees for the second sibling
  • 10% of tuition fees for the third sibling
  • 20% of tuition fees for the fourth or subsequent siblings

However, we will not make this reduction where any of these students have been granted other forms of fee assistance (such as bursaries or scholarships).

Payment Methods

Fees and charges may be paid via:

  • Australia Post
  • BPay
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Phone
  • Online

Pay School Fees

For further information please contact the Finance Department on the following:

Phone: +61 3 9904 6000

Email: finance@haileybury.vic.edu.au