Junior School

Prep to Year 4

Shaping New Attitudes to Learning

Haileybury’s Junior School students enjoy the best of everything from the outset: the best teachers, resources, facilities and curriculum.

Our Education Program stimulates children to reach their potential. Boys and girls learn how to care, listen, take turns and concentrate.

They are encouraged to make decisions, become self-sufficient, answer questions, solve problems and work independently.

Explicit Teaching

To provide the best possible start, our innovative Explicit Teaching Model ensures that Junior School students engage and retain as much information as possible.

All Junior School campuses use the explicit instruction approach. This research-based methodology produces exceptional student results. The two components include The Warm Up and ‘I Do, We Do and You Do’.

The aim is to move student learning from short-term to long-term memory, so students effectively retain what they are learning. This also builds strong skills in Literacy and Numeracy—the foundation stones of all learning at Haileybury.

Skills are taught in depth with an emphasis on application through problem solving and higher order thinking skills.

This development is managed through assessment, analysis of results and goal setting, which provide a program of continuing improvement and intellectual challenge for each student.

Students build knowledge and skills across the areas of Wellbeing, Health, History and Geography through Explicit Inquiry units.

With our specialist teachers, children engage in Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Swimming, Communications and Digital Technologies (CDT), Library and Chinese (Mandarin).