Senior School

Years 10–12

Giving Students Every Advantage

'One School' Structure

Our Senior School operates at the Keysborough, Berwick, Brighton and City campuses.

Students at each campus enjoy a close-knit community, while maintaining connections across the wider School community.

Keysborough has the largest Senior School group and some students from other locations choose to commute full time to this campus for Years 10 to 12.

The Three-Year VCE

Spreading VCE studies over three years makes workloads more manageable and allows a balanced approach.

Senior students combine their studies with a diverse range of co-curricular activities such as sports, the arts, and community and cultural activities that enable them to explore and extend their interests. Students also have the opportunity to develop talents that complement their studies.

The VCE Program

Haileybury students begin their VCE studies in Year 10 and select a program according to their individual needs, talents and interests. Our staff provide guidance to ensure that this program matches their academic readiness.

A strong foundation of core skills in Literacy and Numeracy prepares our students for their VCE.

This foundation is carried into the senior years. In 2019, our Year 12 students achieved 37 perfect VCE Study Scores in 15 different subjects and 35 per cent of our students finished in the country’s top five per cent with an ATAR of 95 and above.

Three students achieved the maximum ATAR scores of 99.95 per cent.

Year 10

Year 10 students undertake six subjects. One or two of those subjects are at VCE Units 1 and 2 level.

Some students may undertake three VCE units.

Year 11

Year 11 students normally take six subjects:

- One or two subjects at VCE Units 3 and 4 level
- Four or five subjects at VCE Units 1 and 2 level, including an English study.

Year 12

Final year students usually take four or five subjects at VCE Units 3 and 4 level, including an English study.

Enhancement (university-level) studies are available for advanced students.

Co-Curricular Activities

A wide range of co-curricular activities celebrate individual difference, develop self-worth and provide welcome down time during Senior School.

The program caters for the interests and talents of all students through the arts and outdoors, fitness, community and academic extension activities.

The program offers something for everyone at a time when balancing study with personal pursuits is important.

The Arts: Choir, Concerts, Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre, Orchestra, Photography Club, Pipes & Drums, Rock Bands, Stage Bands and Tattoo.

Academic Extension: Chess Club, Commerce, Debating, Editorial Heritage and Archives, Mooting and Public Speaking.

Physical/Outdoor: Adventure Club, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program and Martial Arts.

Community: Blood Bank, International Students’ Club, Library Committee and Social Justice Club.

Special Features

Two Schools

Parallel education continues at Senior School, where it is normal for boys and girls to spend more time socialising together while mostly learning in single-gender classes.

The exact arrangements are determined on a subject-by-subject basis that reflects the nature of the study and optimises learning outcomes.

Teaching staff teach in both Schools.

Early Commencement

Haileybury’s academic year starts early in Term 4, ensuring maximum time to complete each year’s Academic Program.

This is especially important for Year 12, where traditionally students work through a large program in a shortened academic year.

Breadth of Studies and Vocational Education and Training

The curriculum offered at Haileybury's Senior Schools is rich and diverse and offers a great breadth of VCE studies. Haileybury also offers a wide range of vocational education (VET) subjects.

This part of the curriculum has a strong industry focus and offers a range of interesting studies in Hospitality, Media and Music Digital Production. All vocational subjects count towards an ATAR.

Expert Teaching and Monitoring

Teaching and learning styles in the Senior Schools promote self-management and self-discipline. They also improve individual learning styles and encourage students to become resilient independent learners.