Performing Arts

City Play Starts Strong

City Play, The Book of Everything, started rehearsals with Director, Ms Jane Marshall, and the cast diving in with gusto. This wondrously imaginative play mixes aspects of surreal and real-life drama to weave a tale of self-acceptance.

Dance Students Get Top Spot

In 2021, our VCE Dance cohort all achieved perfect scores for their performance examinations, which constitutes 50 per cent of the final study score. As part of these examinations, students must present two solo pieces—one being a skills-based solo and the other a composition solo which explores a narrative or theme.

We are so proud of our students as they were all invited to audition both of their solo pieces for the 2022 Top Class Dance Concert. This reflects their hard work, excellent dance ability and outstanding choreographic skills.

Congratulations to Freya Stills-Blott (Year 12) who had both solos accepted—an exceptional achievement. Freya’s hip hop solos will be featured in Concert 1 of Top Class Dance on Wednesday, 16 March. Well done, Freya.

Nick Waxman

Head of Drama and Theatre Studies


Top Class Haileyburians

The Music Department is very proud to announce that Harry Marshall (Year 12) Music Performance: Group and Olivia Van Der Heyden (OH 21) Music Investigation: Group will perform on Tuesday, 22 March, as part of the VCAA 2022 Top Class Music concert series. The event will be held in the Elisabeth Murdoch Hall at Melbourne Recital Centre.

In 2021, the focus of Olivia’s performance research within Music Investigation was the style of legendary jazz saxophonist, David Sandborn. Olivia spent more than 12 months focusing on the jazz language of Sanborn and her mastery of his phrasing, tone and stylistic drive was nothing short of outstanding.

The VCAA recognised Olivia as one of the most elite musicians enrolled in the study. She achieved the maximum score of 220 for the performance examination and the maximum score of 50 for the overall study.

Unlike Music Investigation, which sees students focus on a particular aspect of performance, Harry had to present a broad range of styles and performance techniques within his recital program. He performed styles ranging through swing, modern jazz or be-bop, rock, R & B and funk. Harry also achieved the maximum score for his external performance assessment.

For Top Class, Olivia and Harry will join forces to perform Run For Cover. They will be accompanied by Marcus Beyer (Year 11) and Mr Sean McLeod who is Drum Tutor and Coordinator of Jazz and Contemporary Music.

The journey to Top Class contention is a very long one and students typically practice and rehearse for hours every day of the year, no matter what constraints life and schedules bring. These students are hungry for improvement and excellence and there is no doubt in my mind that this dedication develops character and maturity.

Being selected for Top Class places students within the top 0.5 per cent of the state.

While tickets for the concert series typically sell-out within days, hopefully the event will be live-streamed for a wider audience.

Rod Marshall

Director of Performing Arts & Head of Haileybury Music

Visual Arts

The Cutting Edge

Haileybury Senior School’s recently acquired laser machine has inspired our Design and Technology students to explore this amazingly accurate technology and produce a range of innovative and creative products. Students have already made intricate joinery for furniture, personalised key tags, marquetry inlay and engraved decorative box lids.

Unit 1 Visual Communication Design students have worked through the design process to create a personalised name tag for a keyring. After researching and refining a design in their folios, they produced a digital version in Adobe Illustrator, which was then sent to the laser cutter. The designs were precisely pierced, etched and cut out of wood by the computer-controlled machine’s thin, focused laser beam.

In Units 1 to 4, students will work on projects that could be created using the laser cutter. In VCD and Environmental Design, for example, students can print parts of a building to create a 3D mock-up of their structure. They could also produce signage for communication design.

The laser is capable of photographic detail engraving and cutting timber up to 20mm thick and 1.5mm thick steel. We look forward to seeing students use the laser to develop their design and production skills.

Rachelle Rae

Head of Visual Arts Senior School

Pipes & Drums

Pipe Up Everyone!

Do you want to hear some wonderful music and see the Haileybury Pipes & Drums in action? Come along and drum up some support for our amazing pipers and drummers at Haileybury’s very own Highland Gathering on Sunday, 6 March. The contest will be held at Haileybury Keysborough on Rendall Oval from 9 am – 5 pm.

Our glorious Pipes & Drums will also put their hard work to the test at the upcoming state competitions. This is in preparation for the Australian Championships in Sydney where student and adult bands nationwide pipe and drum for the top prize.

Join Us

Haileybury Pipes & Drums has been a traditional and integral part of school life since the band’s formation in 1957. The highly successful, award-winning pipe band not only competes at Highland Gatherings in Victoria but also interstate and internationally.

This year, we are expanding our program to offer students from Years 4 and up the chance to sign up with the first term’s tuition free of charge. For more information, visit the Pipes & Drums page on the myHaileybury app—go to Performing Arts - Pipes & Drums, or email

Lincoln Hilton

Director, Pipes & Drums