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Performing Arts

Creative wonder

On Tuesday, 9 and Wednesday, 10 May the VCE Drama students at Keysborough and City campuses presented their Unit 3 ensembles. The presentations are the culmination of a term’s worth of work research, writing, rehearsal and developing a piece of self-devised theatre for a live audience.

The ensembles must include a range of elements that highlight key skills and knowledge: transformation of character, time and place and the sophisticated application of symbol, expressive skills, performance styles and production areas.

All classes executed thoughtful, challenging, provocative and physically innovative performances. Congratulations to each student and to their teachers, Jane Marshall and Nicole Smith.

Bikini Bottom’s gone but not forgotten

In early May, an impressive 2,400 members of our community came out to support the Years 9–12 musical, SpongeBob SquarePants. Students from each Melbourne campus came together to bring this Tony Award-wining show to Aikman stage.

The show was colourful, energetic, surprising and hilarious! The cast delivered exceptionally strong performances, led by the multi-skilled and incredibly hard-working Thanh Vu (Year 12) who played the title role with great aplomb. Multiple audience members asked if he and some of the other lead performers were hired from a professional company!

The production looked spectacular, sounded brilliant and was supported by the cast, crew, band, tech team and staff who made it all possible. Things don’t happen — people make them happen and it took a great number of dedicated people to create the wonderful world of Bikini Bottom.

The photos below taken at the final dress rehearsal gives an indication of the size of the team who worked together to bring this wonderful show to life.

A hearty congratulations to the company of SpongeBob SquarePants, with specific mention to Musical Director, Robert Latham, Choreographer, Emma Clair Ford, and the creative team of Nicole Smith, Jane Marshall, Erica D’Angelo, and Matthew Sanderson who put in months of work on this show. I am grateful to them all for their commitment and creative vision.

Nick Waxman
Head of Drama and Theatre Studies


SpongeBob success! 

What a fabulous way to kick-off the term in the Performing Arts! This year’s Senior School musical was nothing short of exceptional, and I want to extend my congratulations to all involved.

The production was an amazing collaboration, with students and staff working together to create a brilliant show that was entertaining for all ages. The staff, cast and crew worked tirelessly for months to perfect the show, and the result left audiences in awe of the spectacle and, crucially, the singing, acting and ensemble dynamic on stage.

From the moment the curtain rose, it was clear that this was no ordinary production. The set design was stunning, the costumes impeccable, and the lighting and sound were flawless.

The lead actors were phenomenal, bringing their characters to life with humour and refined skill. The leads sang and moved their way through complex musical numbers with ease, displaying a level of talent that belied their age. The supporting cast was equally impressive, adding depth and dimension to the show. The ensemble singing was the best I have heard in a school production.

A special thanks must go to the crew backstage. SpongeBob was a very technical show that demanded a lot from the tech crew. Crew members worked for weeks to ensure everything ran smoothly, from the set changes to the lighting cues and sound mix.

Thank you and well done on an amazing job to the staff in the band. To perform so professionally on consecutive nights after teaching all day was no easy feat. I am privileged to work with such talented and dedicated people.

Of course, a huge thanks must go to the key leaders of the production, Nick Waxman and Robert Latham. The success of the show would not have been possible without the leadership of the director/producer and musical director. Their dedication to the students and their craft was evident in every aspect of the production and they deserve a long round of applause for their hard work.

Finally, I want to extend congratulations to the many Year 12s in the production. Your talent, dedication and hard work will be missed next year, but your legacy will live on in the memories of those who had the pleasure of watching you perform in The SpongeBob Musical.

Rod Marshall
Director of Performing Arts & Head of Haileybury Music

Visual Arts

Student art competition launches

Haileybury is proud to announce AI Imaginarium: The Philosophical Future of Art — a competition for students in Years 9–12. This exciting opportunity invites students to explore the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and art, and to consider what the future holds for creativity in the age of AI.

Eligibility: All Haileybury students in Years 9–12

Prizes: Best Artwork wins a Wacom One Tablet worth $500 and the People’s Choice Award also wins a Wacom One Tablet worth $500.

Students will be able to showcase their work with the winner of the Best Artwork chosen by a panel of judges based on creativity, originality and engagement with the competition theme. The People’s Choice Award will be determined through a public voting process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the world of AI-generated art and to share your vision of the philosophical future of art. We look forward to seeing the unique and thought-provoking creations of our talented Haileybury students.

Keep an eye out for details, good luck to everyone and let your imagination soar!

House competition promotes sustainability

This year’s House art competition theme is all about sustainability in art. Students have been invited to use repurposed, recycled, salvaged or found materials to create their masterpiece and to explore the artistic potential of items they might typically throw away.

As the world faces unprecedented ecological crises, it’s up to us to find creative solutions to reduce waste and protect our planet. During Term 2, Senior School Houses will be looking to their communities for inspiration and materials. If you have any recycled bottle tops, fabric scraps, old magazines or other useful materials, this is a wonderful opportunity for friends, family and even local businesses to donate and get involved in the competition too!

Competition entries are due at the end of Term 2.

Semester 1 final assessments

To our senior Visual Arts students, as Semester 1 comes to a close, we want to remind you of the incredible progress you have made. Keep pushing, stay focused and remember to ask for help when you need it. Above all, keep the joy in creating.

We believe in you and can’t wait to see what you achieve. Best of luck with your final assessments!

Rebecca Frith

Head of Visual Arts Junior & Middle School

Pipes & Drums

ANZAC March to the Shrine

Haileybury Pipes & Drums recently took part in the Anzac Day March, an annual event that commemorates and pays tribute to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The march took place on Tuesday, 25 April and the Pipes & Drums put on a spectacular performance, with over 70 students performing.

Led by Pipes Captain Hemakshi Gupta (Year 12), Drums Captain Grishma Boppana (Year 12), Drum Major Braya Jade Hanssen (Year 10), and Senior Colour Bearer Emily Marshall (Year 12), the P&D marched down St Kilda Road to the Shrine of Remembrance where the commemorative service was held.

It was a momentous occasion for the P&D and they were honoured to show their support for veterans and members of the armed forces. Their performance was testament to their dedication and hard work and they are already looking forward to participating in next year's event.

Solo Piping and Drumming Success

The Haileybury Pipers and Drummers have achieved great success at recent competitions.

In the Solo Haileybury Piping Competition, Jessie Sun (Year 10), the A Band pipe corporal, secured 3rd place in all three categories that she competed in: C Grade 2/4 March, C Grade Hornpipe & Jig, and C Grade Piobaireachd. This was an impressive achievement as this was Jessie's first year competing in the C Grade.

In the PLC Solo Drumming Competition, competing Haileybury drummers had several outstanding performances. Sofia Carollo (Year 10) secured 2nd place in the C Grade Snare category and 3rd place in the World Solo Snare category. Zoe Pontikis (Year 8) took 1st place in the D Grade Bass category and 1st place in the Novice Bass category. In the Novice Tenor category, Alicia Chen (Year 8) won 1st place, Jeanette Wheeler (Year 7) won 2nd place and Harrison Pontikis (Year 5) took 3rd place.

Congratulations to all the competitors for their impressive achievements and a big thank you to the teachers and adjudicators for their support and guidance. Go Haileybury!

Lincoln Hilton
Director, Pipes & Drums