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Performing Arts

Standing ovations and full houses

As the curtains draw to a close on another bustling season of Performing Arts, the brilliance of our Middle and Senior School productions shines brighter than ever. From Oliver Jnr at City Campus, to Wizard of Oz Jnr at Berwick, High School Musical Jnr at Keysborough, Moana Jnr at Brighton and the striking Senior School play, BewareFor I Am Fearless, we have seen an extraordinary amalgamation of passion, skill and creative flair. 

The Performing Arts events this term were a triumph with each one boasting sold-out shows and an overwhelming turnout from our supportive community. The casts were massive in scale but what truly set the productions apart was the palpable camaraderie and teamwork among the cast, crew and creative teams. It is this collective spirit that makes the magic possible. 

However, the real victory is the evidence these productions provide of the importance of Performing Arts and co-curricular Drama and Music in our educational landscape. They are not merely extracurricular activities but vital platforms where students can explore their creativity, build resilience and nurture teamwork. The ability to express oneself through art is not just a skill, it’s an experience that shapes young minds, moulding them into well-rounded individuals capable of understanding the world with greater empathy and nuance. 

So, here’s a standing ovation for everyone involved. Your tireless efforts and outstanding performances have made this season truly unforgettable. Thank you for reminding us that the stage is not just a platform for acting, singing or dancing; it is a sanctuary for dreams to come alive. 

Nick Waxman
Head of Drama and Theatre Studies


A harmonious journey

VCE Music exams are set to take place in the second week of Term 4 and Aikman Hall has been resonating with the melodies, harmonies and rhythm of VCE Music students diligently preparing for their final Unit 4 performance examinations.

This crucial phase in their instrumental music journey is a culmination of years of hard work, dedication and passion for music.

During the holidays, these exceptional students will immerse themselves in intensive rehearsals, perfecting their programs for their upcoming performance assessments. This is no small feat as they must present a 20-minute recital program to a panel of external VCAA assessors to showcase the depth of their musical talents.

Many of these musicians began their musical education in Haileybury’s Junior School. Over the years, they have received an impressive 300 instrumental lessons, honed their technical skills and developed their sense of artistry. Across the journey they will have also participated in more than 500 ensemble rehearsals to uncover the nuance of musical collaboration and collective artistic purpose.

The 2023 VCE Music cohort is a diverse group and encompasses a wide range of instrumental and stylistic disciplines. From contemporary and classical voice to piano, electric bass, acoustic bass, percussion, drumkit, electric guitar, bassoon, pipe organ and saxophone, this ensemble of talents highlights the remarkable breadth of our School’s musical landscape.

Hard work, perseverance and sheer love for music have brought these students to this moment. As they take the stage to share their artistry, I applaud their dedication and wish them the best of luck in their musical endeavours.

Rod Marshall
Director of Performing Arts & Head of Haileybury Music

Visual Arts

Visual Communication Design students wrap up folios

As the deadline for final folio submissions approaches, the past few weeks have been a hive of activity with a wide array of projects in full swing. These have ranged from creating posters and menus for an Italian restaurant to the ambitious task of redesigning Haileybury’s Visual Arts building. Throughout this period, students have demonstrated remarkable dedication in their pursuit of completing their SAT folios.

This term began with our Unit 4 students presenting their designs to each other, simulating a client-designer interaction. They diligently provided constructive feedback and meticulously refined their designs in preparation for the creation of their final pieces.

This year’s folios have featured a range of explorations. Projects have promoted wellbeing, introduced and endorsed artists, and works have featured prominently on packaging and posters. Students have also designed retirement apartments and ventured into the realm of cosmetic packaging. Many of the portfolios include posters and business cards as students redesigned their clients’ branding.

Throughout the construction phase, students have explored various materials including different paper types and materials suitable for architectural models. A notable addition this year has been the use of Haileybury’s laser cutter to construct intricate models, marking an exciting step forward in students’ creative processes.

Rachelle Rae

Head of Visual Arts Senior School

Pipes & Drums

Sights are set on the 2024 competition season

After a thrilling victory at the World Pipe Band Championships in Grade 3B, Haileybury Pipes & Drums is already tuning up for an exciting 2024 season. The triumph has boosted the morale of all three (A, B and C) bands, setting the stage for an even more remarkable year ahead.

We have hit the ground running since returning to Melbourne by learning new music and welcoming new members to each group, with many students moving up through the bands in Term 4.

Our roadmap for the past season has been filled to the brim and the 2024 season is looking to be just as eventful. Next year’s spotlight will be on Victorian and Australian Championships, with all three bands geared up to showcase their new material. The Australian Championships in Maryborough in April 2024 will also be well contested with bands travelling from all around Australia for the national titles.

To keep the momentum going, the band continues to practice weekly to keep raising the standard even higher. We are looking forward to the Band Dinner in October when we will celebrate the year’s achievements. This will be followed by our Annual Band Camp in January to fine-tune our performances for the upcoming season.

Lincoln Hilton
Director, Pipes & Drums