Performing Arts

The Show Goes On

Performance examinations are well and truly over and now our focus turns to theory.

Luckily, most performance-based subjects are assessed late in the written examination period, so there will be plenty of opportunity to work with Senior students as they revise. This year, the effectiveness of the revision period has been very good with students able to ‘Zoom in’ on a daily basis for one-on-one sessions or as a class.

As we come close to the start of the new school year on 15 November, our attention inevitably turns to productions. There is a lot on offer early next year, particularly for those in the Senior School.

Auditions for the Year 10 Play, Senior Musical and the new Senior City Play will be held during Term 1A. Details and rights are being finalised with an announcement to follow. Suffice to say there is plenty on offer in 2022.

Stewart Bell

Director of Performing Arts


Hitting the Right Notes

As students return to face-to-face tuition, the Music Department has been busily preparing for a full return to onsite lessons. We’ve also been exploring performance opportunities for instrumental music students as they resume ensemble rehearsals this week.

Fingers crossed that ensembles will be able to perform live before the end of the year!

As we work towards this, I would ask families to carefully monitor messages about rehearsal times. Getting back to full rehearsals with full attendance will be crucial in preparing for hoped-for performances.

For those families who have been waiting to submit an application to begin instrumental music lessons, now is a perfect time to start lessons or to book a place for next year. For many students, having face-to-face music lessons this term before taking an instrument home for the extended Christmas break will put them in a great place for 2022.

Rod Marshall

Head of Haileybury Music

Creative Industries

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Media focuses on storytelling in a range of different forms including short film, photography and print. This year, our students— like Georgia Campbell (Year 11)—told many relevant and engaging stories.

Georgia’s work conveys the message that no matter how hard we try to win, we can still lose and, although this may feel like failure, it’s still an achievement to make it to the race at all. Georgia’s photographic production is called One Shot.

Georgia Campbell, Year 11 (Haileybury Rendall School)

One Shot—Artistic Sports Photography

Other stories—such as Selena Shi’s (Year 12)—were about the effect of our decisions on our planet and climate change. Selena produced a set of beautiful images that combined photography and digital illustration in a highly poetic piece called Neo, the Future.

Selena Shi, Year 12 (Keysborough)

Neo, the Future—Digital Photography/Illustration/Print

Toby Coutts (Year 12) connected street culture and mental health in a photography production called Absent at Dusk, which is an advertising campaign for his clothing brand.

Toby Coutts, Year 12 (Keysborough)

Absent at Dusk—Photography for Fashion Advertising Campaign

In her short film called Crinkle, Courtney de Fries (Year 12) explored ‘toxic masculinity’ through a father/son relationship set within the culture of Australian Rules football.

Courtney de Fries, Year 12 (Keysborough)

Crinkle—Short Film

Romina Brasacchio (Year 12) wrote and illustrated a children’s book called The Elves and the Dressmaker that encourages children to think about helping those in need.

Romina Brasacchio, Year 12 (Keysborough)

The Elves and the Dressmaker —Print Production

Liala Brasacchio (Year 12) created a graphic novel in the murder mystery genre called The Suspect. The story features a rich man who is murdered as a consequence of treating people with disrespect.

Liala Brasacchio, Year 12 (Keysborough)

The Suspect—Print Production

In her short film, A Game of Tip, Ellen Kendrick (Year 12) reminded us that cheating is never worth it and that supporting each other is always a better option.

Ellen Kendrick, Year 12 (Haileybury Rendall School)

A Game of Tip—Short Film

Karl Sebire

Head of Creative Industries