Performing Arts

The Making of Matilda Begins

The search is on for the stars of our 2022 Senior School Musical—Matilda the Musical.

On Thursday, 25 November, 75 Years 10 to 12 students from City, Berwick, Brighton and Keysborough took part in three music theatre workshops and were invited to audition for leading roles.

They proved to be highly capable singers, actors and dancers and the performance during three nights in May 2022 will be a musical season to remember.

The Book of Everything

Last week, auditions were also held for the Senior City Play—The Book of Everything.

The play centres around nine-year-old Thomas who sees things other people don’t see, including the unhappiness and violence in his family. He carefully records the good and the bad in his Book of Everything, including his greatest hope for the future: ‘When I grow up, I’m going to be happy.’ Through the colourful characters in his life, Thomas learns that happiness begins with no longer being afraid.

These Bridges

More than 20 students in Year 10 auditioned for These Bridges, a play that is a surreal exploration of hopes and dreams. Written by Phoebe Eclair-Powell, it is a thrilling reflection on humanity’s desire for things to be better.

The 2022 performance will allow students to creatively explore the consequences of disaster, humanity’s resourceful ingenuity and the supernatural.

Nick Waxman

Head of Drama and Theatre Studies


While 2021 has been yet another difficult year for the Arts, I hope it has been a rewarding one for Music students. Despite not being able to perform in many ensemble events, students’ instrumental journeys continued nonetheless.

Reports from Instrumental Music staff suggest students continued to improve at a remarkable rate and I know students are proud of the improvements they achieved.

To the parents who stuck with the interrupted program and lessons online, I applaud you. I am very excited at the prospect of a full concert schedule next year!

Voice Students Join Victorian Opera Youth Program

I am extremely pleased to announce that Voice students Genevieve Gray (Year 11) Santrix Redston (Year 10) and Alexis King (Year 9) will participate in Victorian Opera's upcoming youth development program. Graduating Year 12 students Xavier Browne and Alex Hawkins will also join the program.

These outstanding Voice students will attend weekly rehearsal and masterclass sessions for elite singers. The VOYCE program focuses on dramatic works with emphasis on the delivery of text, expression of dramatic intent and movement.

Congratulations also go to our outstanding Voice tutors, Andrea Creighton and Robert Latham (Head of Choral Music) for their outstanding work with these students.

We are all excited at the prospect of seeing our students perform with Victorian Opera.

Have a wonderful summer break,

Rod Marshall

Director of Performing Arts & Head of Haileybury Music

Visual Arts

2021 Inaugural Online Showcase

Art in all its forms facilitates our understanding of the world and human experience. Now, more than ever, it connects communities and explores shared concerns about the year that was.

The Arts reflect social change and, as the world pivots in response to COVID-19, Haileybury Visual Arts embraced this dynamism, culminating in our first online exhibition. It is a testament to the efforts of our Senior students and teachers.

It is my privilege to step into the role of Head of Visual Arts and to invite you to explore the work of Units 3 and 4 Media, Product Design and Technology, Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design online, and also Years 9 to 12, in the Ralph W. Hill Memorial Gallery and Sholto Black Visual Arts Building at Keysborough.

In contemplating our students’ perspectives on life in this climate, it is humbling to see their creative energy, social engagement and resilient passion, despite the challenges faced during their studies.

For the Class of 2021, this final show encompasses a rich journey of Arts education from ELC to Year 12. We are so proud of the way in which these students have made creativity part of their lives and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Online Showcase

Password: Haileybury2021

Rachelle Rae

Head of Visual Arts Senior School