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The school year has started with gusto, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to welcome families into our School across the first few weeks. Community matters at Castlefield and I am so grateful to our parents for engaging in coffee mornings, information sessions, and social gatherings that have been on offer to date.

Our students have approached the year with a sense of purpose and have settled seamlessly into the routines, expectations, learning and fun that has taken place across the first few weeks. Our Culture of Connectedness has seen students spend time meeting new peers, making friends and getting to know the teachers.

Our students being ready, prepared, engaged and reflective are the cornerstones of our Culture of Learning and we continue throughout the year to support and educate the students in how to be the most successful learners they can be.

Student leaders in both the Junior School and Middle School have been inducted at respective assemblies. We look forward to seeing what these impressive young leaders will contribute to our school this year. The Middle School Captains, Tilly (Year 8) and Levi (Year 8), addressed the Middle School with outstanding presence, inclusivity and vision for 2024.

Traffic and parking reminder

Parking around the property is, at times, a difficulty. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our Haileybury community. Parents leaving via the South Road exit, please take care when turning onto South Road, particularly as the pedestrian crossing is so close to the exit.

Remember that all exits from the School to Villeroy and Rouen Streets close at 6.00 pm nightly. Access is via South Road for evening functions.

There is no drop-off/pick up zone in Rouen Street, with parking restrictions in place along one side, at the busy school-start and end times.

There are clearly signposted two-minute parking spaces outside our Villeroy Street gate, and this is to be used as a ‘kiss and go’ zone rather than disembarking from your car. Cars should not be left unattended.

Families are encouraged to use the South Road entrance as the preferred drop-off and pick up location.

Please be considerate of the residents in the streets surrounding our School.

Early Learning Centre

Joyful beginnings

Welcome to a new year of endless possibilities and joyful beginnings. The ELC is a hive of activity as we focus on building relationships, exploring learning environments, and supporting everybody to feel connected, safe and build a sense of belonging.

Consistency and collaboration are the key as students and families find new ways of being and doing. We look forward to working together to nurture the growth and development of every child and create the many joyful moments early childhood brings.

Anaphylaxis and food allergies

There are several children in the centre with food allergies and life-threatening anaphylaxis. We ask that you please be mindful of the foods packed for morning tea and lunch. If you are in doubt, or have any queries, please speak with your class educators. It is important that we are aware of any potential risks for effective management. We appreciate your assistance with this important matter.

SunSmart Superheroes

We have some golden rules around being a SunSmart Superhero. The students are doing a great job wearing hats, keeping hydrated and hunting for shady play spaces when outside. The expectation is that all students arrive with sunscreen already applied. Please make this part of your morning ritual and use the sunscreen stations around the service before your child begins their day with us.

Junior School

And so, it begins...

What a delight it was to see our new Prep children come into school on their very first day. Bags knocking the back of their knees and brand-new hats on their heads! Our Preps commenced with a full week for their first week, and despite a little tiredness, they adapted quickly to the routines and expectations of their classrooms and teachers. We can’t wait to watch them grow!


At the other end of the Junior School are our Year 4 students. They have waited to be leaders and it is finally their turn. House leaders were inducted in a beautiful assembly, run by Miss Rowell, which was full of tradition and House spirit. Our House leaders attend weekly meetings with Mr Lucas, run recess and lunchtime clubs for all the students in the Junior School and help manage whole school events.


If your child’s hair can be tied back, it must be tied back. This applies to all students.

No nail polish or loose jewellery (small religious necklaces, stud or sleeper earrings are allowed).

Haileybury sunhats are worn during any outdoor activity in Terms 1 and 4; ‘No hat, no play’.

PE uniforms are worn on the two days that your child’s class is timetabled for PE.

Water bottles are to be brought to school each day.

Sunscreen should be applied at home each morning and then a small personal roll on popped in your child’s bag so they can reapply throughout the day if required.

Middle School

Welcome back!

We welcome all current and existing families to Middle School at Haileybury Castlefield for 2024. We have hit the ground running, and it has been lovely to see our thriving community back on our school grounds. During Week 1, it was a highlight to see many familiar and new faces at our Parent Information Evening and our Summer Drinks. Community matters to us here at Castlefield, and it has been wonderful to cross paths with many as we begin another exciting and fulfilling year.

Our students have made an exceptional start to their term and have seamlessly adopted their routines, beginning with arriving before Homeroom begins. It is vital that our students start the day on time, as this is a springboard into setting themselves up for a successful day. Our Homeroom teachers are a constant feature who work with our students every morning to create strong routines and connections for the day ahead.

As the term progresses, resilience, academic endurance and commitment are crucial attributes for our students as they continue to thrive and stay on top of their requirements. Here at Castlefield, there are many avenues of support, and as we work with your children, alongside you, encourage them to speak to teachers for support as they navigate the challenges of a bustling term.

Year 5 camp

Our Year 5 students embraced their first Middle School camp experience at Phillip Island. The excited students had fun trying their hand at surfing, the flying fox, giant swing and many other great opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone, make new friends and create memories. It was a special event for their second week at school.

Katrina Manson
Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

Class Representatives

We hope your child has had a great start to the year. Encouraging your involvement, we aim to strengthen bonds between your child, their class, and the school community. Communication is key via the myHaileybury app and updates from teachers. Consider becoming a Class Representative to unite families through social events and teacher connections. If interested, register via the link provided or contact Monique Chapman for details. Your support is appreciated in building a vibrant school community.

Monique Chapman
President, Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield