Campus News

Learning and Connection in 2022

This year has started with renewed vigour and focus on two particular areas at Castlefield—our Culture of Learning and our Culture of Connectedness.

The first is about our students being prepared, ready, engaged and reflective when it comes to their learning before class, in the classroom, after school and when doing homework.

The Culture of Connectedness is about every member of our community being intentionally welcoming and providing opportunities for students to showcase all aspects of their education—from Curious Minds activities to Sport and the Creative Arts.

Our parents are an important part of our community and while there are still restrictions in place, we are eager to involve parents wherever possible. So, keep an eye out for these opportunities and invitations. Our Haileybury Parents & Friends of Castlefield (HPFC) Coffee Mornings have been well attended, with special guests joining each day.

If you would like to be involved in our school by reading in the classroom, sharing your expertise or a passion with students or the broader community, or by assisting or joining our HPFC, we would like to hear from you. Information will be given to families soon via the myHaileybury app.

Early Learning Centre

Celebrating Our Three-Year-Olds

With the rollout of funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten this year, which advocates the value and importance of early childhood education, families in our Reception Program will all receive a Kinder Kit. The kits include resources designed to celebrate the value of learning through play that is age-appropriate, inclusive and encourages creativity and open-ended play.

“Around the time a child turns three, there is a key window of opportunity to optimise their learning and development, and in particular, their social and emotional wellbeing. A child’s experiences during these years make a significant difference to their future learning and life outcomes”
Victorian State Government, Department of Education and Training

Social Thinking

Social Thinking, including The Zones of Regulation, is a flexible teaching framework that can help people enhance and improve social awareness, emotional intelligence and self-regulation of their behaviour.

It has been wonderful to see the ELC children beginning to grasp these concepts and showing development in their identity and wellbeing, and a development in empathy and understanding of how to work together as a group.

Ms Julie Liptak, speech pathologist and Social Thinking expert, will run a parent information session on Tuesday, 22 February, explaining these concepts and how they can be carried over into the home environment.

Junior School

Everyone Playing Their Part

We have now well and truly settled back into the daily rigours of school life. Students are learning classroom routines and taking on responsibilities with confidence. Whether it’s delivering or picking up the lunch orders or seeking teacher assistance in the playground, we’re super proud that everyone is playing their part in the smooth running of the day.

House Captains have begun running their recess and lunch time clubs. Timetables can be found in each homeroom and for children who need a little directed play, these clubs are the perfect place to start. House Captains wear a coloured vest and can be found setting up and running everything from colouring activities and run clubs to basketball fun and hula hoop play!

A Big Day

A recent quote on social media caught my eye. It read: ‘Year One is a wild ride. You’re learning how to be a human, how to write things down, how to manage friendships and follow rules, and all the while everybody’s teeth are falling out all over the place!’ This made me laugh and recall the intensity of the day when you’re a little person!

Outside the academic side of school, our teachers do a fabulous job managing the emotional and social wellbeing of our young people. It is a big day and sometimes big emotions are part of the day, too.

During recess and lunchtime, three teachers wearing high visibility vests patrol the back playground, East Quad and the Oval and are always on hand to assist students who need support.

Middle School

Off to a Great Start

It is hard to believe that Week 4 has arrived this quickly! Our Middle School students hit the ground running after two successful induction days welcomed them to 2022. They have navigated new classes, new content, exciting sporting and creative opportunities and settled into life in the Middle School.

As we live with our ‘new normal’, it has been amazing to watch just how adaptable our staff and students are. In this beautiful weather, classes are often run outside in our school grounds and it is now normal to watch an English class take part under a tree, or a Drama class spread out on our west quad stage, or a science class take place on the Oval.

Camp Success for Year 5

A highlight of the term so far has been watching our first camp set off to Phillip Island. Our eager Year 5 girls departed Castlefield for three days of surfing, canoeing, raft building and many more activities that had them talking for days.

The transition into Year 5 from Junior School or as a new student can be daunting for some. The nerves that arise on the first day of Year 5 are often similar to those that crop up when boarding the bus to camp—particularly for students who have never been on a camp.

However, those nerves dissipated quickly and were replaced by excited shrieks while on the giant swing or when surfing a wave for the first time. Students had a wealth of stories to tell mum and dad. The camp was a success all round and a wonderful start for our students.

Katrina Manson

Head of Castlefield (Brighton)

Haileybury Parents & Friends Castlefield (HPFC)

Coffee Mornings at Town House

Thank you to those who came along to the first week of coffee mornings for our Early Learning Centre and Junior School families. This week sees our Middle School parents have the opportunity to join us at Town House to connect with parents across the year level.

Second-Hand Uniform Shop (SHUS)

Our team of parents that run and support the Second-Hand Uniform Shop are a fabulous resource. Pop on down to purchase uniform items during term time only:

Wednesdays 8:15 am – 10:15 am

Thursdays 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm