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CEO | Principal's Report

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) has released a report on the best methods to have sound classroom behaviour in Australian schools. It is pleasing, and no surprise, that Haileybury’s approach strongly correlates with the research of AERO.

One of the factors that has contributed to the decline of Australian student performance in literacy and numeracy over the past 20 years has been the lowering in standards of classroom behaviour across Australian schools.

Australia has been ranked 69 out of 76 countries and jurisdictions in classroom behaviour in the Program for International Student Assessment conducted by the OECD. Since Haileybury introduced evidence-based practice at the core of its classroom delivery in 2008, maintaining high standards of classroom behaviour has been of the highest priority. It leads to improved focus for students and enhanced outcomes for all.

As AERO notes, somewhat self-evidently:

“Rules and routines can be used to foster a learning-focused environment by establishing positive teacher student relationships, high expectations for student behaviour, clear communication and by providing structure, consistency and predictability.”

The key principles of the AERO report are the key elements followed by Haileybury’s teachers.

These are:

  • Rules and routines are aligned with school-wide processes for consistency and predictability, and used across the school so students know what is expected of them and what they can expect from their teachers.
  • A consistent and predictable approach to the way tasks and activities are completed and lessons are structured, so students can focus on the content of their learning.
  • A small number of rules and routines designed for simplicity, explicitly taught and practised so students can develop automaticity and focus on their learning.
  • Rules and routines that are responsive to students’ needs and how students learn, to support them in achieving learning success.

Adhering to these principles and supporting teachers in maintaining productive classroom behaviour of students is essential to the individual and collective success of students.

If we are to maintain these standards of behaviour, which make such a strong contribution to the exceptional academic outcomes of Haileybury students, then we need the full support of the whole parent community. Student outcomes are enhanced when the School, teachers, parents and students are on the same page with regard to behavioural expectation.

We must be unified in the support for Haileybury’s brilliant teachers to uphold the standards that will allow students to have a disciplined, focused classroom to allow them to reach their academic potential.

For those interested, a range of information on classroom management can be found at the AERO website.

The CEO of AERO Dr Jenny Donovan will be the keynote speaker to all Haileybury teaching staff at the start of Term 3.

Derek Scott
CEO | Principal