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CEO | Principal's Report

Each year, one of my favourite activities is presenting every new Year 12 (the 2024 cohort) with their Year 12 tie and badge and taking a moment to have a conversation with each of them about the year ahead. 

There are 496 Year 12 students on Haileybury’s Melbourne campuses this year and I enjoy hearing what they are looking forward to, what they have enjoyed about their schooling, what challenges they have faced and how they have overcome them. I am currently about two-thirds of the way through the presentations and conversations.

As you would expect, a few clear themes emerge. Firstly, students overwhelmingly tell me they feel fortunate to have such great teachers and that they feel confident about the year ahead because of this. Haileybury staff are focused, committed, caring professionals and this comes through very strongly in the respect shown to them by the students.  

Secondly, the camaraderie of the year level group, House and campus comes through strongly. We all like to belong as part of a group and it is very clear that a benefit of Haileybury’s unique structure is that there are layers at the School which keep students strongly connected. 

As one student commented to me: “I really like our year group, I am excited about being involved in all the House activities and I love my campus friends.”

Thirdly, I am so impressed by the reflection so many students have about their own learning. Often, they tell me about their path through to Year 12 and how they have improved because of self-reflection and a determination to do the best they can.

As one student commented: “I have been thinking about how I haven’t always put forward my best effort but am really determined this year. I feel I am improving, and I have to own my own choices, including the subjects, and make it work.”

Fourthly, I am always encouraged by how much the students enjoy the extra-curricular activities. Sport and fitness activities are important for many, as well as music and drama, and the language trips to Japan and France are always a point of discussion. The House activities and events are also popular and nearly all students look forward to the two Year 12 formals.

Finally, I love hearing about where students are looking to head after school. Some, with great certainty, have a clear path mapped out but most are still thinking it through and willing to keep an open mind as they prepare for post-school life.  

These are a fine group of young people who are in the very capable hands of outstanding professional educators. I wish them all good luck for the year ahead.

House Captain (Lyons) - Neve (Year 12)
House Captain (Bradshaw) - Maheet (Year 12)

Derek Scott
CEO | Principal