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Campus News

House Choral Competition

Recently, we held the annual House Choral competition and students and staff dressed in house-coloured shirts when competing in the theatre. First to the stage was Green House with the song We Are the Champions, followed by Purple House with Wake. Blue House performed Youth while Gold House chose Dream it Possible.

To round off the event, Blue House ended the competition with the song, Unstoppable. Congratulations to Blue House for their outstanding performance and being judged the winners.

Shooting hoops

The BPIAL Alliance Cup Basketball Competition for Junior and Secondary schools was held recently and Haileybury had several teams in the boys’ and girls’ competitions. The competition was held at Beijing Private Huijia School with 26 teams from 12 schools, including eight girls’ teams.

The two days of competition saw Haileybury’s talented athletes dominate the court. The girls’ team, displayed unwavering determination and formidable skills, earning them a spot in the high school girls’ Group Finals. On the boys’ side, the Haileybury team showcased exceptional prowess, advancing to the high school boys’ Group Finals with hopes of securing the championship. These outcomes are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff and students and we wish them luck over the next few months.

House charities

In the spirit of giving back to the community, Purple and Green House were involved in semester charity events. Green House is focusing on eco-conscious values and eight students and three staff visited an environmental protection facility in Tianjin where they took part in waste classification, research and collection. Through this project, they will actively participate in real-world waste sorting in their community, ultimately creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious generation.

The focus of Purple House was on protecting the marine environment and 13 students and two staff visited the local Dongjiang Port Qianhai Park bay area in Tianjin. They cleaned landmarks and signage and then collected and disposed of debris along the shoreline, contributing to the preservation of marine life and the health of the coastal ecosystem.

Yanni Galanis 
International Principal, Haileybury International School, Tianjin